Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am still here

Just having big computer issues at the moment. Everything else works fine, just email and internet playing up. Maybe because we are so far over our limit. It's been the biggest pain in the butt. For the past four months we have been trying to change our plan to unlimited, and we do exactly as we have been told. Log in, enter password etc, follow all instructions, receive confirmation email... then keep receiving emails that we are 50% into our usage etc. Email Telstra to querie, get told to do the same thing again, despite the fact we've done it and received confirmation. Repeat this each month until last month when I'd decided enough was enough and 'what the bloody hell do you have to do around here to get some help' kind of emails and phone calls eventuated. They looked into it and discovered that the changes were being made to our old (should have been cancelled) dial up account. Grrrr. So hopefully it is all worked out now, but we still have to wait till the new plan kicks in which should be 1/5. Hopefully that will solve the problems we are having. So today I am logging on from work.

The last few days have been good. Workd Monday, then yesterday Brett made a start on our deck! Yay!! We hired a post hold digger for the public holiday, and the weather was good. Looks like some rabbits have gone mental in our garden though. Holes everywhere. Brett is on holidays for the rest of the week so I'll have some photos to share when the home computer is being nice again. I've almost finished a layout, so I'll be able to share that too.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Carole & Mel it was nice to see you pop in and leave me lovely comments. Thanks. Blogger won't let me reply email though - if someone knows if this is possible can you please let me know how you do it.


Nic Wood said...

We are having issues atm too, and we are always over our limit by about half way through the month. I wish telstra just dropped your speed back like lots of the others instead of charging you a small fortune for every mb!!!! Think we might be looking at unlimited soon too.

I dont think blogger will let you send emails directly. I usually just click on the name that links to their blog and send them one through there.

Nic xxx

Lisa said...

Count me in as a stalker - so sorry i missed you on Fri night. Looking forwad to May already.
Love the apprentace's work ... mmmm. I wonder where he gets the talent????? LOL

Lisa said...

Sorry katie ... when I read this back I realised how this sounded.... I mean count me in as a blog stalker. Oops :)

As for telstra it took me 9 mths to get them to cancel an account that I never opened - let alone used - yet they kept charging me the monthly access fee. Keep on their tail girl!!!

kathie said...

Service, don't you love it, lol!

Do you receive people's comments to your blog through your email? If they have left their email address when they logged in, it will show as the reply-to address in the email. So you simply click reply and write to them normally. If they haven't left their email addy it simply shows as anonymous-comment@blogger or something like that and you won't be able to reply to them (unless you already know their addy). Make sense?

Jess said...

Hope you get this sorted out soon - I miss the photos and layouts on your blog and it's only been a couple of days!


jane said...

aww , im missing my Katie fix!
just imagine how many layouts you will have for uswhen youre back no pressure of course!!