Sunday, April 23, 2006

My honey and me

As I mentioned earlier I'm doing a big feature on one of the walls in our family room. 12 frames each with a photo of the boys at the beach. Originally I was going to do the arrangement a little differently and planned on 10 frames. I changed my mind to 12, so had to add another two photos. I still had plenty of the boys, but as I was discussing it with a friend she mentioned that there really should be a photo of Brett and I in there. So today, despite the freezing weather I manged to get the boys (all three of them) in the car and we headed down to Mt Martha beach cos you can drive right up to the beach, so we could leave the boys in the car while we quickly took two photos with the camera timer and tripod. As we got there I was setting everything up and realised that I didn't have the attachment that connects the camera to the tripod. There was no way we were going home cos I knew I'd never get everyone back there again. So I decided Liam had to be my helper. Didn't he do a brilliant job! I just made sure I had the camera set to f22, that keeps everything in focus, foreground and background, but if he happended to focus on the water, not us, we'd still be in focus. Think I have myself a little apprentice.

Then this one I snaped as we were heading back. Liam was a bit disapointed that we were going so soon, he had his pants rolled up ready for a play! It is FREEZING! Brett was playing with him, saying he'd throw him in the water and Liam was laughing his head off.

Then this is a little layout I had planned, but managed to do today. Before we went to the beach all the boys fell asleep. I'd done lots of housework earlier so thought I deserved to scrap a little :) These are Wild Asparagus pp, the last mm tag from the pack, and some other bits and pieces I've had lying around.

Our deck was supposed to start today. Only the marking out. Brett is on holidays this week, so he was hoping to get quite a bit done on it. But it rained too much so they couldn't do it. Oh well, what's another weekend when I've waited two years so far.

Hope your weekend was good.


Sarah said...

Great pic of you and hubby. Yes you should be on you wall!!!!!!. seriously you must be so organised and motivated to scrap such a great page so quickly. I think i need your MOJO Miss Katie....

Jess said...

Look how skinny you are. You look stunning! And Brett is a seriously good looking guy too. Well done Liam on your photography skills. Angus is 'helping' me type at the moment, by randomly clicking the mouse all over the screen. Very helpful!

Carolyne Hallum said...

warm and fuzzy feelings miss K....i could hang by your blog hourly just waiting to see what's going to pop up. love ya!

Sofi p said...

What a gorgeous couple you are! Well done to Liam on his photo skills too! Hope the rain holds off this week so your decking gets done.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hey Katie...I think you may have a budding young photographer there!
Great pic!


Megan said...

You guys are such hotties!! What a spunky guy you have there Katieloo. And you!! What a doll. I can just imagine Liam going "Move that way, look like your happy, make love to the camera baby" What a budding photographer - at least he got your heads in the shot!!

Rach Axton said...

Wow, WTG Liam!!! bummer that I'm a few years away from getting a good shot like that from Megan.. she's still into photographing her fingers and the ground!!..

But TOTALLY love the one you took.. soo cute..

And yay for braving the cold and wet!.. lol.. nice and sunny here!! ;)

Mel Diener said...

What a gorgeous wall feature you will have, and such a fab idea too.

Love the photo, Liam is quite the photographer hey!!!!

Carole Janson said...

Hi Katie,

I stumbled onto your blog, and I am so pleased I did, what a lovely layouts you do, they are so classic, just gorgeous, a reall style to them. What a lovely idea to do a special wall of layouts, very clever. I think I have seen your work on Scrapboxx ???

I hope you don't mind if I pop in again.


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

I love your photos at the beach. They look excellent.

Beautiful layout as well, I love your work and are amazed at how every one of your layouts looks so perfect. Why can't I get that result everytime? lol :)

Have a great day.