Saturday, May 27, 2006

We are family

This is the layout I did last week when Sarah, Jane and Lisa were here. I wasn't happy with it, but wasn't sure what it needed to fix it, so it has sat on my desk all week, and now it's time to move on. It's going into the album just like this :) It's me and the Ethy-bug, taken with the timer last Christmas eve as I was setting up for the photoshoot. I was testing the lighting etc while waiting for Brett and Liam to come home from somewhere. PP's are MM, rubons are Basic Grey, and the ceramic 'family' plaque is Crafty Matters (can I say these are Jane's, and they are too cool) I have more, and they will be comming up on more layouts soon.

Had a photoshoot this morning. Luckily they were running a tiny bit late, as Liam had a little accident and split his head open on the kitchen bench just before they were due. (did I not mention something very similar to this within the last few posts?). It wasn't too bad, and he was happy to lie and watch Nemo with his head on an icepack/towel. He did mention that he had a headache... poor thing, I forgot to give him a dose of panadol. He's such a good boy. The bleeding stopped quite quickly which was good. Gave us a fright though, as I'm sure you can imagine!

So the photoshoot went well. The pics came out beautiful. I got the exposures spot on on most of them which is great, and I'm very pleased about seeing as it was the first time fully manual. My only other problem was that the light decided not to fire all the time. Couldn't work out why, so I'll have to make a few calls about it. Everything seemed just as it should. Any lurkers out there got any suggestions?

I ducked up to Paper2 quickly this afternoon and got some A4 refill page protectors. I bought a nice fabric covered lever arch binder at officeworks a week or so ago, and decided it would made a good album. I bought the Coral Coast refills as they are the only ones I know of that are A4.(the 8.5x11 were too wide) These were still a little too wide as the spine part was very wide. I just trimmed them down, and re-punched the holes in them (the original holes were in the wrong spot). I have 40 refills in there, so that's enough for 80 pages in one album! I really liked the A4 size, but at the moment I'm back on the 8.5x11 ones for a while.

Anyway, that's about enough waffle for the time being. Mark and Bec want us to have breaky with them tomorrow morning before church. I can't even get to church on time, so I'll have to get very organised tonight!

Hope you have a great weekend. This time next weekend I'll have some scrapping buddies over to play! Bit excited here :)


Carolyne Hallum said...

you are one busy woman, girl....can i come play with your scrapping buddies please????? i need inspiration. Love catching up with you on your blog. hugs.

kathie said...

I wish I had half of your photography skills. Love that photo of you and Ethan. Glad that little Liam is OK.

Megan said...

Getting together with some awesome scrapping buddies sounds like lots of fun. How lucky you are! Glad Liam is ok. I think you need to wrap his head in cotton wool. Poor little love certainly gets in the wars. That's boys for you!

Sofi p said...

If you'd like another scrapping buddie to tag along (raising hand)I'd love to come to a crop. I love the LO; I've got that MM paper in my stash too! So glad to hear that Liam wasn't too badly hurt. Can't wait to see pics from the photo shoot.

Nic Wood said...

Wow I cant believe you took that photo with the self timer. Its STUNNING. It has real emotion and love attached to it. Hard to believe that a great photographer can capture all of that on 'film', let alone using the self timer.

Hope oyur feeling better. Lucky you on getting such a big sleep in!
Nic xxx