Sunday, May 28, 2006

Meet Micaela

This is the little cutie from yesterday. I still have a few to edit, mainly the family shots, but these are just a few from those I've already edited. I love that one of her under the towel. Such a cute and cheeky expression on her face. She's only just started holding her head up, and I think she's pretty proud of herself :)

Today was a bit of a nothing day really. I'm officially sick, so Brett let me sleep in until almost 11.00! By the time I did get up, Ethan was back down for his nap, so I got to have breaky in semi-peace. I'm off for an early night tonight. Have to get a good nights sleep if I have to work tomorrow.


jane said...

hope youre feeling better today Katie!
the photos are fantastic- looooove the peek a boo one !

Sofi p said...

Way toooooo cute. Seeing pics so adorable like little Micaela makes you clucky!

Hope you get well soon.

Carolyne Hallum said...

katie that bottom photo is so are really capturing the real nature of people and babies. keep up the great work. you can't be sick, we need you to get better girl. sending some health vibes to you.

Mardi said...

Katie..your photos are just certainly have a gift.
Hope you are feeling much better.

Donna said...

The lighting in the top pic is amazing...perfect! I also love the cheeky little face peeking out from under the towel - her parents will be stoked.

Hope you're feeling better, chicky! :)