Friday, May 26, 2006

Unique & totally irresistible

Poor Ethan was so unsettled all night. I don't think he slept for more than about 1.5 hours at a time... so neither did I. He wasn't too blocked up. He'd had dimitap and nurifen. The vaporiser was on. I don't know what else he wanted... just a cuddle I think. Each time I picked him up he immediatly fell back to sleep in my arms. Today was also Liam's early morning at preschool. We had to be there at 8.30. I felt terrible, had no voice and was just exhausted. Got Liam organised, chucked on a tracky woke Ethan (grrrr) and dropped Liam off. Then after we got back Ethy and I got a bit more organised. Did a load of paperwork and packed a layout for SM, started Liam's school enrollment papers, scanned his birth certificate, payed some bills, started to plan the photoshoot I have tomorrow morning, called to confirm and go over some final details about it, a few loads of washing, cleaned up then headed back to pick up Liam. From there we went straight to the shops to do a few errands then home. I was exhausted and ready to colapse, pitty I'm a mum and that is just not an option. Threw a spag bog sauce together in the slow cooker, folded and put away washing, put more loads on and hung out, vacuumed, did the dinner/bath thing, mopped the floor (such a huge floor to mop, can't wait till we have carpet!) Got the boys into bed, then decided I needed a little time to myself so I whipped this one up in about an hour again. I had put the papers etc together yesterday. Now I have to go edit the last few photos from the last shoot, as I like to have them cleared before I shoot another one and if I have time I'll check out ILP ( and re-check I have everything organised for tomorrow morning. I've had a few weeks off while I was waiting for the lights, and I don't know if it's that or the fact that I now have the lights but I'm feeling all excited and nervous again. Not worried, just nervy... but it's all good :) I have a 3mth girl, and maybe a few of the mum and dad... it's actually a gift voucher customer. The gift vouchers seem to be very popular. They do make a great baby gift. I know I would have loved one when Liam was born (didn't need it by the time E was born). Thinking of that I need to get Sally, Dave and Hannah organised.

I've been tossing up the idea of having a photo printed on a huge streched canvas to hang in our enterance hall. #1 because I want it, but #2 it would be a great sales thing too. My little delima is that my favourite photo is the booties one of Ethan when he was newborn (it's the one on my business card), but I feel bad that it doesn't have Liam in it, and I don't know where else I would put one if I was to get one each. Maybe I'll just have to keep waiting for the perfect pic of the two of them together... like it will one day happen LOL.

Jess & Megan, OMG you are killing me with your eyebrow comment. It would be just too funny, but I really think he would divorce me! I mean he is just a little bit vein, and I don't think he would cope too well with one eyebrow, or none ;) LOL


Jess said...

Maybe Ethan didn't sleep because he was traumatised over his fringe? Make Brett stay up with him tonight. ;o)


Sarah said...

Beautiful layout Katie. You seriously live life to the max girl.. You must have ants in your pants LOL..... Wow you fit heaps into one day...