Thursday, May 25, 2006

"I had a little accident" he says!

It should have been a quick layout, but it wasn't really. Although the Ethy-bug kept waking and I had to go fix him quite a few times. He's not a well little boy. I think I'll try and get into the doctors tomorrow. He's a bit wheezy, but doesn't sound like croup yet. Not a happy little bug that's for sure. :(

I am now VERY glad that I took this photo two days ago, as he will not be infront of my camera again for quite a few weeks... thanks to my darling DH, who decided to take it upon himself to give his hair a trim... Yes the same DH who wouldn't speak to me for about two days after I had Liam's hair trimmed (it seriously was a 'trim') because he likes his boys to have long hair. He decided he would just give the fringe a few mm's off, so why I ask would you even attempt to to this:

A. On your own!

B. With a pair of clippers

C. With no guard on the clippers!

D. Quote "but he moved his head!"

Fiar dinkum, I tell you I am peeved! He has a chunk missing out of the middle of (where) his fringe (used to be). I told him he'd have to go short and spikey until it grew back evenly, but he won't have a bar of that as he doesn't want the back cut. If the top gets cut and the back doesn't he'll look like he's got a MULLET! Ain't NO WAY my child is having a mullet! I put a bit of mousse in it and swept it sideways, and it looked OK. Lets just hope his hair grows fast :( And maybe we could hope for DH to grow some common sense!!! I told Liam "if daddy ever tries to cut your hair, don't let him, and yell for mummy as loud as you can!" Ahhh, ya gotta laugh at the end of the day right? I always try to find the positives in the situation, and I guess the positive here is that we can stay home more, and Ethan can get more rest and get better (?)


Jess said...

I admire your ability to see the positive side of it. And your ability to not shave off Brett's eyebrows while he's asleep! lol

Gorgeous layout. Such a beautiful photo.


Sarah said...

OHHH NOOOOO!!!! Not the hair!!!! I must admit, Harry has a mowhawk right now. All spikey on top and gelled. He loves it and it suits his naughty behaviour ... It will grow back and before you no it.,. I have to cut Harry's hair every 4 weeks it grows so fast!!!!!Lovin your layout by the way!!!! Kraft!!!!!LOL


Megan said...

Oh my goodnes. Men, hey!! Don't shave both eyebrows off, just one. That will look even funnier.
Fabo Layout by the way - and the photo is adorable (as always)

jane said...

poor ethan!!
Luke has long hair, and i had to cut his fringe the other day- ended up using my fave scrapping scissors LOL! - chuckling at Jess's comment- lokk out brett!
i hope Ethans better today
ps- the Lo is FANTASTIC! love how you played with the colour on the photo- the photo btw is perfect for my litle project too! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm laughing at the idea of a mullet - so funny !

what is it with men loving long hair on their sons ? My ethan's is getting so shaggy....curly/shaggy in a cute, scary kind of way.

jess and megan, you girls are so funny - actually I don't think i'd want to mess around with either of you anytime soon. hehe.

Leanne S.

janinek said...

That is just toooo funny!! I hope you hold that over DH for a while! Lovely LO as well.

Sofi p said...

Men are such funny creatures aren't they? Don't worry, it will grow before you know it!