Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ribbon, RAK & more school decisions

Today has been a good day. Well, work was work, tedious as usual, but hey, at least I have a job. In my lunch break I had a little surf around the net and bought some yummy ribbons from Fiona Carters store. Yummy! Can't wait until they arrive.

Rushed from work to mums grabbed the boys and drove home. Dropped them off, grabbed a mouthful of food, said hello to Brett and Hutcho and took off for another school information session. This time it was for the Leap into Learning program. It is only run at one school on the peninsula, although I believe a few more schools nearer the city run the same program. It is for kids that are not ready to start prep, but either don't get funding for a second year of preschool, or need more than the few hours of preschool each week. It is run by a teacher who is trained in both early childhood and primary teaching. It is mostly a hands on program, but by the end of the year the kids will be doing prep kind of work. The main aim of the year is to build the childrens confidence and love of school. And they will do a little accademic work, but that bit can be tailored for the kids in the class that year. It starts off with half days, progressing to four full days, then on to five full days. Starting slightly later and finishing slightly earlier than the rest of the school, and playtimes are also timed differently. So that the Leap kids are not out in the playground with all the other children. They only take 15 students so it is a very small class. The whole school is small 250 students, compared to 600 at the other school we are looking at. It was lovely to see their classroom... they had baby chicks in there! :) So cute!! The principal of the school seemed lovely. More relaxed than the first school we were looking at. The only downside, which really isn't that bad, is that the teacher who implimented the program, teaches it and ran the information night tonight is pregnant, so she won't be there next year. They do have other teachers who are trained both in early childhood and primary teaching they are considering to take over from later this year, and I'm sure it will be fine. The idea would be that Liam finished preschool at the end of this year, then heads over to Leap into Learning for next year, then over to the original primary school we were interested in to start prep the next year. Depending on how he goes with Leap, some children are put straight into grade one if they are ready for it. There was so much information that my head is still buzzing, but I have lots of literature to read. Another thing I liked is the orientation program. It actually starts with the teacher comming to preschool to meet him and his teachers in his environment. I'm really impressed with the program, it has great reviews from parents and school teachers. Liam's preschool teacher thinks its a great program too. Decisions, decisions! I'd love to look back on this blog in another year and see if I'm happy with the decision I made (we made - sorry DH!) I'd love to know which decision I will make. I just put it in Gods hands and wait. I believe the right decision will become clear.

And in my rush between work and heading out to the school I noticed the postie had bought me a parcel... a scrap shaped parcel... I didn't order anything, and it wasn't from a mag. I was puzzled. I noticed the return address and realised what it might have been... but it was more than that! On Saturday when the girls were here I mentioned that I only had one piece of kraft cardstock left and the only place I knew I could get it is where Sarah works... She sent me some (a lot actually!) And some gorgeous HS hearts (which I had mentioned that I wanted) and some HS mini frames!... and a thankyou card! How sweet is that! I was blown away. Thank you soooooo much miss Sarah! You are so kind and generous, I really am touched :)

Ohhh and the zinc... When I took Ethan to the naturapath when he had the cyst/molar issue she gave them both a checkup and was telling me that almost every child is deficiant in zinc. It's not really that surprising when you consider that the main source of zinc is green leafy vegies. Show me a child that will eat them! Anyway zinc is very healing and helps will cell growth. It helps recovery from colds and viruses. I believe it is brilliant for chicken pox. Its just a bottle of liquid and you put a few drops in a drink. It does taste yucky, but we have found Ribena to be the best for covering over the taste. Liam has 1ml 2xday, and Ethan has .5ml 2xday. Brett and I took it the last time we were sick and couldn't belive the difference overnight. Infact last night and this morning I felt dreadful. I took some last night and again this morning, and even though it's night and I would normally have started coughing etc by now, I feel fine. I'm not sure if you can get it at the health food shop, I got mine direct from the naturapath. Hope that helps, and hope all you sickies are feeling better soon.


Jess said...

Sounds like a great option Katie. I looked into pre-prep programs, and couldn't find one in the area. Maybe I'll Google Leap into Learning and see if that yeilds anything. As for the ribbon you bought - please don't tell me it was red and blue?? I have this little package here for you....


Sarah said...

HI Katie,
We have a similar program at Rebekah's school... They built a new classroom for it at the start of this year. There are only 10 kids in that class and they still get to interact with the other preppies... Cute. Bek's School has nearly 900kids so it is huge and i do wonder if these little ones, next year will get a bit lost in the system... Good luck with your decision.

Mardi said...

Hi Katie...choosing schools is such an important decision...good luck. I read with interest about the zinc....I am currently having problems with my DS and iron seems our modern diet just doesnt provide enough minerals. I will check out the health food store for the zinc liquid.

Carolyne Hallum said...

lots of decision making when it comes to schooling hey! i am so glad to be over that hurdle. lots to look forward to though katie. i have to go back and do a catch up on your blog....i've been so slack of late. hugs to you my friend.

Megan said...

That Leap into Learning sounds like a great option Katie. And we are going to have to see a piccie of that ribbon when you get it.

kathie said...

Good luck with the Leap into Learning stuff. it sounds great!

I swear by Zinc for coldsores. It's great stuff. you just have to remember to not take it continuously. Can't remember why not anymore though, lol.

Love the photos of the boys. You sound totally set, with your lights now.


Sofi p said...

I agree, the Leap to Learning program sounds like a great idea. It's so hard making decisions about schooling.

Nic Wood said...

Sounds like a great programme, and wonderfully supportive staff.

How does the school years work in Vic? Here they go to kindy when they are 4, reception (the first year of primary school) at 5, then into year one the following year. Some schools have reception intakes each term, but if kids start in term 3 or 4 they usually still spend the whole of the following year in reception as well.

I hope your able to make an informed decision that both you and DH are happy with and that suits your little man the best. Kids are all so different..and you are the one that knows them the best.
Nic xxx

Lisa W said...

Katie, when the boys were in still hospital (about 3 mths old), their skin started to peel around their mouths, noses and genitals - turned out after blood tests that they were zinc deficient. Ended up on a zinc paste for the bottoms, and a zinc supplement in their milk. Made the world of difference!!
Good luck with the school decisions!!