Friday, May 05, 2006

A tag.

Had a girls night out last night as one of my girlfriends from my mums group is down from Brisbane. She moved up there just before Christmas, but plans on bringing her girls back down every six months to catch up with friends and family. It was a great night. I actually photographed the girls on Thursday, which was lovely.

I got tagged by Carol-lea! Thanks :)

Things in my fridge
1. Chicken defrosting for tonights dinner
2. Milk (cows & soy)
3. Spring onion dip
4. Fruit & Veg
5. Yoghurt

In my closet
1. About 6 pairs of high heel sandals and a bridesmaids dress to match each one!
2. Five pairs of jeans
3. Work pants & shirts
4. Warm jackets
5. A garden chair (what the? I think it's from reaching the really high shelves above)

In my handbag
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. Wipes
4. Layout sketch ideas on scraps of paper
5. Diary

In my car
1. Booster & carseat
2. Bucket and spade (& sand from a trip to the beach)
3. Toys
4. CD's (although I never listen to them)
5. Melways (street directory)

On my DVD/ video player
1. Love Actually
2. Mr & Mrs Smith
3. Ice Age
4. Toy Story
5. Play school in concert

I tag
1. Jess
2. Carolyne
3. Megan
4. Sofi
5. Sarah

Also, as you would all know little Sophie Delizio was again involved in an horific accident. I have known Sophie's parents, particularly her dad Ron for the past 11 years I have been working at 'my work'. He was one of our agents who sold our products for us in NSW. I remember when both Sophie and Mitchell were born. After Sophies accident Ron pretty much finished up with his business as their lives took a different direction revolving around their family. Although he still regularly keeps us updated on their progress. Both he and Carolyn are wonderful parents. The decisions they have been forced to make over the past few years are things that I just don't think I could cope with. They have remained so strong together, and Sophie really is blessed with wonderful parents. I know lots of prayers are being said for Sophie, so please also say a prayer for her parents and family, the doctors and all others involved with her treatment.

We are off to see my SIL tonight. She's booked in for a C-section on Wednesday... bubba is just TOO big! I'll be an aunty again this week YAY!! :)

I'll go an take some deck photos so I can update soon. It's getting big now.


Sofi p said...

Katie, I was deeply shocked to hear about little Sophie. Prayers go out to her, and her family, from me.


Lyn Dwyer said...'s unbelievable to think that so much has happened to that little Sophie in her short life.Life seems so cruel at times and we have to stop and think......why is it that some people have so much bad luck or misfortune? My thoughts are with her family and parying that she makes it through all this.
They must be an amazing family!


kathie said...

Loved reading your tag.

My heart stopped still when I heard the news about poor little Sophie. That little girl (and her family) have just had way too much suffering during her short life. I hope hope hope that she'll be OK.


Rach Axton said...

hey chicky, have a great night out.. and yep it is just so tragic, poor little girl.. I cry every time I see any mention of it on tv.. I'm with you, I just don't know how I'd cope with all that..

Rach xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sofie and her parents have definately been in my prayers lately. My heart goes out to them.

On a brighter note - I bet you can't wait to become an auntie baby sister (mind you she is only two years younger than me LOL) was due yesterday with her first..Im so excited, but so over waiting. Im off to her place today to take a few shots of her belly!
Nic xxx

Sorry Im anonymous...puter issues atm!