Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy 29th birthday sweet-heart!!! :)

Today is my gorgeous man's 29th birthday! Happy birthday sweet heart! I LOVE YOU!!!

Hope you like photos, cos I have LOTS of them today LOL. Excuse the mess, it's a bit of a construction site out there.

The first photo is the view from our family room. Now that the deck is getting bigger, it's getting difficult to photograph it from outside, so thought I'd show you the view from inside.

This area of the deck will be the kids area. There are three separate decks, that are all joined by 'catwalks'. I'm planning on putting a kiddy gate at the enterance of the catwalk, so Ethan will be contained on this deck, and we'll put his sand pit and car/bike things out there, and also hang his swing from the pergola beams (like we had it for Liam at our old house). That is the catwalk you can see at the right side of the photo. Turns 90 degrees right to the centre deck. (that's my FIL in red)

This is the centre deck, looking out from the kitchen, through the meals area (where I take my photos) Excuse the grubby windows too, I'm not cleaning them again until this is all over! There will be a freestanding roof over this area held up with the biggest posts I have ever seen. This will be where our table, chiminea etc are. Hard to tell at the moment, so I'll just post more photos as we go. Notice the onlookers. LOL We ALWAYS have people comming and going here!

And this is the view from what will be the formal lounge, but at the moment is more of a play room. This are will be more formal. To the right of the french doors is another window, that looks out onto an alcove. There will be a bar in there *apparently*. Again you can see the other catwalk straight ahead that turns 90 degrees left to the centre deck. The enterance to the garage door is also just off this deck, if you can tell there is a little step down at the right of the photo. The door is right there.
And these were taken today (the others were yesterday). We have blue posts today. They wanted to get a coat of paint on to seal the timber as it's been raining a lot lately. See the huge post Brett's holding up, that's what will be on the centre deck. ATM the plan is to oil them to keep the natural wood grain. There will be stainless wire stuff between all the blue posts, and palms and birds of paradise around the catwalk bits. They'll look a bit like they are in the middle of the deck, but they will break it up. I can't wait to see it finished!

I know the pictures probably don't make sense, but they are a nice record for us to look back on, as I still haven't gotten around to scrapping our either of our houses being built, I'll probably never get around to scrapping the deck process.

Oh, and to those who commented on the bricks, it's Mt Gambier Limestone. I really wanted the WA limestone, but is cost an absolute bomb just to have it shipped across! To ship from Adelaide was enough as it was LOL But I'm glad we did, cos I absolutly LOVE it, and no one around here has it. I love something different. Anyway, that's about my weekend. Cooking birthday cakes, editing photos and lots of cleaning. NO SCRAPPING! What's going on!?


Carolyne Hallum said...

so many birthdays in may, WOW!!! so jealous too with only being 29 - i hope hubby had a great day. your deck looks fantastic and imagine all that outdoor space you are going to have. i can see many parties out there. congrats.

Megan said...

Happy birthday to your man Katie!!

I just read that you know Sophie's parents...I haven't been able to stop thinking about that sweet little girl and all the suffering they are going through. She must have something special to do in this life :-)

Love the photos of your house too!

Megan xx

Mardi said...

Hi Katie....Im a new visitor to your gorgeous Blog. I adore your work....often admiring it at the Boxx. Mardi

Natasha said...

Hi Katie
Love the deck. It is going to be fantastic when its finished. I have yet to scrap the last house or this house that we have built and the one we renovated. Not sure if I will ever get around to it but I have plenty of photos if I do. It is so exciting watching it all come together isn't it.

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE...............what a fabulous won't know yourself girl! It looks fab!
It's great when you can have family members help out too as it keeps the costs down.
I'm sure you'll find some time to scrap a few pics of the extension at some stage. At least you have taken the pics and the the first part completed.
Happy birthday to BRETT!


Anonymous said...

ooooh! love the look of the deck already and it sounds like it is going to be huge! love that photo of you and your dh.


Sofi p said...

Katie, love the deck, so far. It's going to be fab when it's finished. I just love sandstone; and with the decking, it will look so beautiful. I can imagine all the summer entertaining on it too.

Best wishes to your hubbie for his birthday.

Peta said...

ohh the deck is going to look so awesome when it's done kate - hope your DH had a great birthday!!!