Monday, May 08, 2006

It's the way that they say it...

I'm standing against the bench waiting for the toast to pop. Liam is sitting up on the bench beside me, sipping his soy milk. He's proud, he poured it himself without any help... without me knowing actually. He takes a sip, looks at me and pauses, "So.... what did you do at work today?"

Man I never want to forget those funny little conversations.


Lyn Dwyer said...

I want to know what you told him KATIE. WHAT DID YOU DO AT WORK TODAY?Gotta love that BOY OF YOURS!


jane said...

thats sooo cute!!
happy bday to Brett for yesteday too! and my thoughts are with Sophie and her family, it is incredibly unfair

Peta said...

aww that's soooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

what a darling !

happy birthday brett.
29 ..... you're still a baby.
makes me feel like a granny.

Leanne S.

kathie said...

Too cute, Katie! It's those little moments that you never want to forget, isn't it. What a spring chickie your DH is. Ah, to be 29 again. Gorgeous photo :)
Love the pics of the deck coming together. I should get off my butt and get some before photos of our place. It just looks such a mess, I'm a bit ashamed to take photos ATM. I asked about the stone coz I thought it looked like WA limestone. Very nice.

And every now and then I find a letter sequence in word verification that really challenges my typist fingers - like this one nvtgbwqa. What the?

Mardi said...

How cute is that....I just love their little quotes, mine are older now and dont say anything nearly so cute, record it while you can...

Megan said...

Katie, what a classic. Man what a little grown up his turning out to be. You'll have to recreate the moment and take a picture so you can scrap it!