Tuesday, May 09, 2006

photo gallery

I added in a gallery of my photos if you want to check it out. There are only a few in there at the moment, I need to add more still.

Tell me any mistakes you see LOL I typed it late at night, so there are SURE to be a few. Have to go get brecky organised now.


Jess said...

Looks great Katie! But why aren't there any photos of your two in there?


Sarah said...

They are great photos Katie. Well done you are a natural!!!!!!


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie..............these photos are stunning girl!
Good on you for teaching yourself and making a business out of a passion!


Anonymous said...

holy cow, katie .... these are pretty amazing shots.

don't forget that there's a room for you when you come to brisbane to stay - oh, and i forgot to add that there will be 2 cute kids for you to photograph also.

leanne s.

Sofi p said...

Katie, I wouldn't change a thing on your photo gallery! Your photos are star quality!

kathie said...

Stunning! Seeing your baby photos makes me want to put you on a 'plane and fly you over to catch those I've missed of J. I can see why your friends asked you to capture their kids