Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some recent photos

Thought I'd add these photos here as well as to the photo gallery.

So how was mothers day? Well, no different to any other day really. For those of you who think I have the perfect DH, I am here to tell you, that even *he* can be a pain in the butt! LOL Although it's all quite light hearted and I do love him dearly!

7.00am Liam comes running in to tell us Ethan's awake, come quickly! (as he does every morning) I tell DH it's mothers day, how about he gets the boys up and lets me have a sleep in, he says OK, then continues to lie in bed for the next 10 minutes! I get up, get Ethan up, plop him ONTOP of snoozing DH and get back into bed. DH continues to lie in bed. Determined to get a sleep in I do too, but Ethan insists on reaching the light switch above my bed, to do so he needs to stand on my head! Continues to stand on my head while flicking light switch on and off half a million times!!! DH continues to lie in bed. I get up and get boys organised and 10 minutes later DH appears behind me in kitched announcing "I'll do that, you go back to bed its mothers day." As if I can go back to sleep now.

Head to church, 10 minutes into service Ethan decided to have megga fidged-crack-a-spak-fit and I end up pacing foyer with one child in arms, the other following every footstep I take yelling "be quite Ethan!". FIL arrives to take fidged bum child. Wonder why I bother.

Head home. DH & Scott work in shed cutting timber for pergola. I cook lunch, put dinner in slow cooker, clean, mop, do washing, make coffee and food for DH & Scott on demand, entertain inlaws, vacuum, fold and put washing away, clean bathrooms, serve dinner, clean kitchen again and play speech games with Liam.

So that was my mothers day LOL Not very different to any other day... lucky for DH he is good to me most days :) Oh, and he is building me a deck :)

(I'm seeing my mum tomorrow - she's gone to my brother's place today. Did speak on the phone though)


Sarah said...

ADORE the Photos Katie, they are just great!!!!! I am still trying to get DH is have the day off Footy HMMM...

I am sorry about your Mother's Day. I didnt really get a day off eihter. James has studied all day and i have taken the kids out visiting the Grandma's. I still had a great day.... I hope you love your slow cooker. It is the best thing i have ever bought!!!!!

Talk Soon

Jess said...

That's two not-so-fantastic Mother's Days in a row! Hope you've got something planned for Father's Day this year - like a day at a spa!


Sofi p said...

The photos are beautiful Katie. Sorry to hear that you didn't have a fantastic Mother's Day yesterday.

I think what we all need is to get together (leave the boys at home) and have a girls day out!

Nic Wood said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! Im so glad mine wasnt the only 'ordinary' mothers day! I dont think anyone even made me a cup of coffee yesterday - same ol' same ol' , so I know just where your coming from!!!

The photos are stunning as usual, your a very talented photographer! Might have to book a sitting if/when we come to Melbourne!
Nic xxx

kathie said...

Oh I know I said I was being good and going to bed early, but.... here I am, doing the round of blogs :).
I had a quiet chuckle reading about your mothers day. Especially the getting out of bed bit. The same thing happens here. My DH takes roughly an hour to get out of bed, lol.
Sorry you didn't get spoilt more.