Friday, May 12, 2006

Meet Hannah

Introducing Hannah Grace Anne Cheetham. My first neice, and the first grandaughter on the Toland side. (they have my boys, and now Hannah) Awww, does she just make you want another one! Ethan has been a little off colour lately. Probably just the after effects of the imunisations, but I thought it would be better if he didn't come to the hospital. Brett went during the day, then Liam and I went down at night. Liam was just busting to have a cuddle - at one stage he whispered to me that he wants a baby... but I'm happy to report, he really just wanted to cuddle this baby!

He is so gentle. He kept telling her he loved her "I wuvs you Hannah!" It was lovely to see Sal and Dave. Sal looks AMAZING. Poor thing puffed up like a puffer fish with fluid. And considering she had a c-section 12 hours before, was doing so well. She's waited 'forever' to be a mummy, and now her dreams have finally come true.

I did manage to get a layout scrapped this week. One whole layout! How's the cute little pose... I had to tell him "pose for mummy like all the other kids do" LOL It's been such a busy week I can hardly believe it's Friday.

I have found a supplier for my lights etc in Melbourne, which is great so just getting up the nerve to spend that much money, and they should be on their way. It's a catch 22 though, don't want to spend the $, need the lights to make more $.

Bought myself a slow cooker this morning. My mothers day pressie. Ethan needs to eat dinner by 5.00pm at the latest, Liam's not hungry until at least 6.00, Brett's not home from work until around 7.00 and I eat when ever I get a spare second. So I decided last week that I needed a slow cooker. I used it tonight and it was heaven. Put dinner on while Liam was at preschool this morning, did some house work and entertained Ethan. Went to preschool for a special mothers day morning (more on that later), took Liam, Aidan and Ethan to mothers group, came home, switched on the rice cooker and dinner was ready.

Mothers day morning. We had to arrive at preschool half an hour early. All the kids were lined up infront of the sandpit. They sang us three songs, then moved aside, unveiling the surprise in the sandpit. They had all written WE LOVE MUM in the sandpit with pinecones and jar lids. Then used all the sand toys to make a big love heart around it all. I have a pic of it... so cute! Then we went inside and were served truffles by the kids and presented with our very own mini scrapbooks (ahhhhhhhhhh! Excited happy dance from me!!) I have to share pics of this later. It's so stinkin' cute! The last page said this: "My mum's name is Katie. I don't call her that. She calls me Liam. My mum takes photos and makes books. I love it when my mum lets me help her. I like reading books. My mum likes me reading books."

Had to laugh at my girlfriends. Her son said "my mum is old, she's 21 or 27" He'd have a fit if he actually knew she was 34 LOL

MISS C... IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY?!! Happy birthday to you :)


Lisa W said...

Katie - It sounds like you have the perfect kinder teacher - one who knows about scrapping memories. Hope you have a great dya on Sunday.

jane said...

Hannah is gorgeous!
will have to swap slow cooking recipes- i havent used mine for ages
Not sure if the Miss C is Chloe? its her birthday on Sunday-but she got 5(!) cards in the mail today- one very excited (almost 4 yr old)chicky

jane said...

ahh haa
just worked out its another Miss c!
happy birthday! what a great age!! hee hee

Jess said...

What a gorgeous bubby! Just when I thought I'd gotten over my desire for a third....

Liam is so adorable. He has such a beautiful spirit. You must be a very proud mumma.


Megan said...

How gorgoeus is Hannah. Makes me want to hurry up and get started!! And Liam is such a sweetheart. Going to seriously break some hearts when he's older.
And i think I may have to go and get myself a slow cooker.

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Adorable photos here and as always I love seeing your scrapbooking talents, excellent layout as usual. I love your work Katie.

Have a great week end and happy cooking with your new toy. That will be heaven in winter time :)

Sofi p said...

Have a wonderful Mother Day Katie. Have fun using the slow cooker. Mine has been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for ever, and never been used!

Rach Axton said...

Soooo cute with kinder!!! I got my first Megie Mothers Day card this year.. tho I think the concept of 'finger' painting is lost on her.. I think she would have bathed in paint given the option and just rolled on paper.. lol..

Congrats on your new neice, and it is a stunning photo and awesome layout!!

Take care xxxxx