Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Catch up

Not much has been happening in my little scrapping world lately. I have been so flat out the past two weeks, trying to organise lights. I have a list of people waiting for sittings, but didn't want to book anything until I had the lights up and running. I finalised the order today and they are on their way. No sooner had I hung up the phone from them, I booked another sitting. I have gift certificates going out left, right and centre too. Must be a lot of babies on the way... have to be happy about that. I am now half way through editing my friend Ange's shoot. She came down from Brisbane and wanted me to take her gorgeous girls. I'll share some of those later, once I'm done. It feels like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that the lights are on their way. I found it really hard to find a supplier in Melbourne at a decent price - cheap but good! Finally did find one, which was great. I looked into getting them from overseas, but I also had to get transformer adaptors etc. So it has set me back a couple of thousand dollars, but I now have a full light setup, plus a new backdrop stand. Something I would like to get into in the future is portrait parties, where the host invites a few friends over, they all have a mini shoot and the host gets incentives. I never felt I could do that without lights, as you never know what the light is like in others houses.

I've also been trying to concentrate on being a better mum! Really putting in some time and effort to teach Liam things. I guess the prep night got me thinking about how ready he is for school, and after a good long talk with his preschool teacher a few days later we all decided that maybe he will repeat preschool again next year. Accademically he is fine. Right where he should be. He can recognise his name, copy it although he doesn't get the letters in the right order all the time, and regognises some of the letters in the alphabet. Mostly ones like L for Liam, and A for Aidan, I because Mr Incredible has it on his suit!! LOL. It's more a social thing. My boy, like me, is a shy little thing! It made me think about how I act when he is around. Often he will look out the window at other kids playing in the street and ask me to take him over there, or over to a neighbours house who we don't know very well. I tend to find a convenient reason to not have to approach them, like that dinner is cooking, or it's too cold outside for Ethan. It didn't even occur to me that my behaviour could be rubbing off on him! I wonder if he is insecure around strangers or in big groups because he sees me act that way, or if it's just him. I have decided anyway to get out of my little box, my comfy little home-body corner, stand tall and confident. After all they are just other people! I don't know why I get so insecure and shy... I haven't met anyone yet that hated me... or at least they didn't tell me that LOL! ;)

The slow cooker has been fantastic! I have used it every night since I bought it. We've had apricot chicken, beef stroganoff(sp?), bolognaise sauce (over nocci (sp?), chicken in a white wine and cream sauce and lamb&veg. Best bit is I don't have to clean the stove.

As we are working on F with Liam at the moment, it has become our morning ritual to read Jack and the Beanstalk, then play hide and seek. Jack hides and the Giant has to stomp around the house yelling out "FEE-FI-FO-FUM" he follows this with "I think I can smell my mum" and I follow it with "I can smell my little one". Then the hider yells out "no you can't!" Anyway this morning in my rush to run and hide I missjudged the doorway and crushed my hand between me and the doorjam.... Ouch! It's still sore. I tell you, I could have tought Liam another F word then. It's my left hand too, and seeing as I am left handed it is a pain. I never realised how much I do with my left hand... the vacuuming, pegging clothes on the line, even the gears/handbrake in the car. Seems I can still type though. Bummer, guess I'll still have to go to work tomorrow.

What else has been happening?... Sally and Hannah came home yesterday. I had three layouts picked up by SC and one by FK. Most were from my 'use up my stash challenge'. Maybe I should do that more often :)

And finally... I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE!!!

Just have to add a funny moment. Just finished my blog and went to get the boys organised for bed. Walked in to find Liam sitting with his huge book of Disney's classics... SANDING THE COVER! with some HS sandpaper! Maybe it's time for me to give up the shabby thing ;)


Jess said...

It's really scary how often you write about Liam and I could substitute Ethan's name (my Ethan). I don't know if it's an age thing, or whether they just have several similar personality traits.

Good luck with the lights - will you do a portrait party in Moonee Ponds?


Nic Wood said...

The portrait parties sound like a cool idea Katie - Ive never heard of them before. Definately beat the old tupperwae party LOL

ROTFL at the fee fi fo fum...DH and the boys used to play this all the time, but it went (much to mummys horror - which just added to the appeal of it all!) Fee fi fo fum, I can smell caleb/nathan/daddys bum!!!!!!!!! BOYS!!!!

Megan said...

LOL over the F word thing. And Liam sanding - what a crack up!! Maybe you have a little scrapbooker in the making.
Yay about the lights too - I am so going to book a portrait party!

kathie said...

Sorry to hear about the hand. Hope you're OK.
Those lights sound super. Just what I need here in this dark cavern of a home. Especially in winter. My photography skills are so abysmal though, that I can't justify lights, lol! It sounds like you're set now and just in time for all those bookings that are gonna come flooding in.

Lisa W said...

Hope that the hand recovers enough for some fun on Fri night. Looking forward to some fun at CTYD. The portrait party thingo sounds great!! Amazing idea- I am sure that that will take off.

Sofi p said...

Portrait parties sound like a wonderful idea. Sorry to hear about your hand. Not much fun when you hurt your dominant hand.

By the way, I'm having similar issues with Lee (ATM) ie kinder/pronouncing certain letters of the alphabet etc.