Friday, April 07, 2006

Pre-school excursion and layout #9

My blog is fixed! I must have accidentally changed a setting and everyone’s comments were being lost… I just thought no one liked me all of a sudden. Thought I’d have to go get me some worms to eat LOL.

We had the excursion to the Briars this morning. The kids had a ball, there was so much on. There were marquees everywhere, BHP were showing the kids how rain water is collected, and they got to pump water with a hand pump (anything involving water is always a hit with kids!), Bunnings were there is lots of craft activities. Liam planted a seed and a seedling in another marquee, saw and touched lots of reptiles in another, fed some baby animals, tasted some new and very different fruit including Dragon Fruit, which in my opinion tastes like rubber. Not too good.

Of course I took my camera and shot like a crazy woman! Top pic is Liam with his friend Cooper, how cute are they, that's not posed or anything, just how they were walking. They had no clue I was taking their photo. If only I could work me some magic and take all the other people out of the shot. That the problem with shows etc, there is always someone head or other body parts in the background.

Friendly folk these little animals. Feel sorry for the poor things though, when you see a three year old chasing them down and trying to give them 'hugs'. And the poor animals are full to the brim, but those kiddies still just want to put their heads in those cups of food. Saw many a duck with it's head being put in a cup. Even the turtles pool was full of grain. The animals don't seem to mind though, and neither do the owners.

Next up was the reptile tent. Liam wasn't sure whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, but after this little warm up he even touched a snake. I liked the man running this tent, he kept asking me what else I'd like a photo of :) Maybe his wife is a scrapbooker too LOL.

Now, layout number 9! Nearly there :) How cute are the men in my life LOL. Top photo is Ethan (if you didn't know) and bottom is DH. You can probably read the journalling on this one if you click on it. This one has scrap papers (Chatterbox and Rusty Pickle)that have been in my stash for a LONG time, except for the Rusty pickle blue spot one, that's quite new (bought it from Sarah!), HS ghost letters and shape - never seem to use those, MM paint - scratched off, and a book plate - again I never seem to use those.

Posted off my layouts for SC and FK today - always takes more organizing to get the paperwork done and the layouts packed than I think it’s going to.

Ethan can now say “hot” and puff-puff (blow) on hot things, like the oven door, or his hand after touching the oven door.

Brett has taken Liam to see Ice Age 2 with his friend Mark and his son Noah; so I’ve kept Ethan up all afternoon, then got him into bed early so I could scrap… and clean this space. Did I not start this challenge a week ago because I needed to clean my desk? I think it’s worse now!

Is it Megan’s anniversary today? Happy Anniversary if it is... I think it is. Smooches for you and Andrew, and here's to many more happy years.

Edited to add speech update: This afternoon I sat with Liam to play some speech games. Jenni had been teaching him to break up the word, to pronounce k-ey, c-ar, c-arrott etc. When we sat down I asked him the first word and he told me perfectly "key", next, "car", next "carrott". He told me the normal eight words he's starting with, then went on to say the next eight which were harder and she gave him as extras as she thought he'd get the first lot very quickly. He still used his finger action. I am totally surprised that it happened that quick, whether it will continue like that I'm not sure. But thought I'd use my blog as a record of his development.


Beck said...

Gorgeous pics Katie and a gorgeous layout also! Love the squares, great way to use up some scrap paper :o)

steph caskey devlin said...

Katie, I gotta tell you No. #5 is speaking to me. You inspire me to do classic clean layouts. Im going to 8.5 to 11 soon and this is the direction Im heading.

PS My DH, Emma and I are going to see Ice
age on Tuesday Night. Can't wait..... it will be the first time we have been to the pictures together......

Steph x

kathie said...

I'm loving seeing all these layouts, Katie! Daddy and Dolly are just beautiful. Love what you did with the HS ghost letters in Daddy.

Julie LOVE said...

Gorgeous photos there Miss Katie!!! can't wait to see what you do with them. AND of course yummy layouts too :0)


Megan said...

What gorgeous photos. You guys looked like you had a ball.
Thanks for the "Happy Anniversary' here. Feel so special.