Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six years! ..... and some old layouts

Six fabulous years with my sweetheart. So where did it all start? It all began in 1995 in Safeway. I was a checkout chick, he was a trolly boy. We'd just finished school. I started working there when I was 15, and five years later this gorgeous trolly boy caught my eye. He was cute, but he had a really bad hair cut. LOL I'm not exactly sure how much later it was, but I distictly remember seeing him push those trollys in past my register one day and feeling like I had been hit over the head with a bolt of lightening. He'd cut his hair, and I was in lust... then he spoke to me and I fell in love! It was an amazing magnetic connection and I instantly knew he was the one for me. It was June 13th, 1995. Lucky for me he felt the same hey :D

We had our first date on 1st July and three and a half years later we became engaged. We bought a block of land in Mount Martha, and started building our first house. I found the perfect dress in Melbourne, and mum copied it for me. She also made the bridesmaids (my sister, Brett's sister and my friend Fiona) and the flowergirls dress. She did an amazing job on it all (she is a dress-maker and makes wedding dresses quite often). Our house was completed two weeks before our wedding. We were married at Peninsula City Church in South Frankston (our church), and our reception was held at the Mornington Country Golf Club. It was honestly one of the best days in my life. I wasn't at all nervous, like I had thought I would be. We went on a fishing trip for our honeymoon! Then settled in to our new home. Nine months later we discovered two was going to be three, and nine months after that we were joined by our precious Liam James. A year later we decided to put our house on the market and went to Hamilton Island for our delayed honeymoon. It turned out to be one of the worst holidays of my life. The first day there Liam had a convulsion and stopped breathing. Our plans to leave him in the creche and enjoy some activities (diving etc) went out the window, as there was no way we were taking our eyes off him. We returned home two weeks later to find our house had sold... and we hadn't had to drop a cent :) The next day we purchased our block of land, again in Mount Martha and set about drawing up plans for our dream home. Brett owner built, and did so much of the work himself, while still working full time. It was a hard six months, but we knew it would all be worth it in the end. We stayed in our first house, renting it back of the new owners, and with work well underway on the new house we decided it would be a good time to make three, four. I fell pregnant straight away, and we were all so excited. I told our parents by walking them through our new house, telling them I needed their opinion on something. When we got to the spare room I asked them what they thought of this room being used for our new baby in March. They too were over the moon. Unfortunatly three months later we discovered our little angel has gone to live with Jesus. It was a horrible time, we were all devistated, and on top of it all we received an eviction notice, as the owners had sold their house and wanted to move in. We searched for a rental but couldn't find anything that would let us rent for only three months until our house was ready. My sister, her husband and son were living with my parents while they built so we couldn't go there, then Brett's parents offered to have us. They were saints to put up with us - seriously! It was cramped, three of us in one bedroom measuring 3m x 3m. One double bed, one cot, two chests of draws and one built in wardrobe. But who can complain! We really were so blessed to have such wonderful family. And believe me it was not easy on them! Especially as I still had complications from the miscarriage. Anyway, three months turned into six, and on March 29 2004 we moved into our house. A few months later I fell pregnant again, and we were blessed nine months later with our amazing little Ethan Thomas. I really do have a wonderful life, and I am so thankful that God sent such an amazing man to push the trollies at Safeway! I have loved the journey our life has been over the past 11 years, I still adore him just as much as I did 11 years ago. He has always been a kind, loving, generous, fun person; and over the years he has grown to be a wonderful, compassionate, loving, PATIENT husband and daddy. There have been good times, and bad times, happy times and sad times, easy times and hard times, but every step of the way we have been by each others side. He is the best - seriously! And I am so glad he's mine. I look forward to the journey still to come - lets hope it's long and happy (well most of the time) :)

Do you think I left anything out LOL

So tonight we are going out for dinner. A few weeks ago while driving around Red Hill we stopped at a bakery that we love for lunch. Brett noticed a little wood fired pizza place out the back, hidden away surrounded by trees (as most of Red Hill is). So we decided we'd go there tonight. The boys are comming with us. We have to ask for babysitting so often, and don't feel like we want to ask for more... and we adore our little family, and are looking forward to the chance to enjoy dinner out together.


Lyn Dwyer said...

May you spend many, many more wonderful years together through sickness and through health as long as you both shall live..........


NuttyScrapper said...

Thanks for sharing your story! And Happy Anniversary!
*Thanks for the inspidration with all your LO's too- keep them coming. You have really inspired me to get of my scrapping butt and do something! lol

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary you gorgeous two. So cool to read your story - feel like I know you heaps better now. You guys are truly blessed and how good is God, hey!!
Hope your dinner was great!

Anonymous said...

wow Katie - that journalling needs to be somewhere on one of your layouts - very moving !

Congratulations on your wonderful marriage and life ! Wishing you many, many more years to follow.

Leanne S.

kathie said...

Happy anniversary!! Loved your story. Loved that layout of you both on the golf buggy.

Nic Wood said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a wonderful night out. (It was our 11th anniversary yesterday - we were getting maried the year you guys met!)
Nic xxx

Jess said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you had a lovely night out. Great to read the background to your relationship too.


jane fitchett said...

hope you had a lovely night- congratulations!
such a cute story of how you met
have a great day

Sofi said...

Wow, what a stunning bride. You are such a gorgeous couple! Congrats on your anniversary, and may you have many, many more to come! It's always interesting to hear how everyone meets their soul mate.