Sunday, April 09, 2006

Layout #10!

So here is layout number 10! I actually started this one the last time I went to CTYD, but it wasn't happening, and has sat half finished on my desk ever since. So I finially finished it off. So I am done, I have made 10 layouts using my stash in one week! But I still didn't seem to put a big enough dint in my stash, so I also made 12 cards over the week too. I think I might still try for a few more and really kick up the amount of stash I use, try and really get this stuff moving. How about another three, with at least five things on each one? Sound good... sounds good to me!

Stay tuned.


Rach Axton said...

Love it and how good are you!! 10 layouts using your stash!! I should do that!!


kathie said...

Wow, 10 layouts in one week? What a fantastic job. And they all look great. Keep going! I love what you're doing.

Sofi said...

Yah, now you can reward yourself and go shopping for more goodies!


Nic Wood said...

Well done!!!! I cant believe you managed 10 LOs in one week, and they are all gorgeous. What a great challenge. Keep 'em coming, its great to see so much of your gorgeous work.
Nic xxx

jane said...

youre amazing, woman!!!great work! well done!!
i havent done 10 LOs but i have sorted, and organised my stash- at least i know what ive got now!!

Megan said...

Well done Katie. I am up to 4 but my scanner is playing up so I haven't been able to share the last 2. Am going to get cracking this week on this challenge.

All the LOs you've done are just beautiful.

Jess said...

You are truly amazing Katie! I have never come even close to 10 layouts in a week. Can you send some of that mojo my way?


janinek said...

You are truly impressive to do 10 LO's in one week! And don't forget all those cards!!! They are all great layouts as well.