Monday, April 10, 2006

Challenge 2, layouts #1 & 2

The first two from the second part of my challenge. To make three layouts using at least five things from my stash on each.

First one, look how little he was! This photo has been in a baggie with the papers and bits and pieces for months! Finally pulled it out and used them up.

1. Scrap papers - Wild Asparagus (I love these!)
2. Jewellery tags
3. Brads & photo turns
4. Manilla Tag
5. Carolees letter stickers
6. Flower
7. Washer
8. Ribbon

Next up: I took this photo of Liam at (surprise) Mills Beach! I saw a photo in a CK add that was similar so I grabbed a little plane he had in his room and threw it in the beach bag. When he spotted it he wanted to play with it, so I stood him up on the stone wall and ducked down low and took the pic. I love different angles in photos, makes them so much more interesting. Look at that blue sky... remember what that was like LOL?

Love how white this is. So different for me, I hardly ever use white.

1. Scrap papers & scraps of mesh (must be 3 years old!)
2. Hinges & brads
3. Bookplate
4. Ghost shape and letters
5. BG rubon
6. Feather (found it on the floor under Liams desk! also came on the hens night invitation)

Number three is started, but I'll have to finish it tomorrow. I've felt yucky for the past two days, and really anxious for no reason. I feel almost like I'm about to have a panic attack all the time. And I feel like I'm carrying around a lot of tension... yet I have no clue what for. I'm quite happy and there is NOTHING wrong. Lets just blame hormones LOL. Anyway I mentioned to Brett while I was cooking dinner that I'd have a spa after the boys were in bed. (they just want to hop in and climb all over me, splash everywhere etc, not very relaxing). I didn't even notice what he as doing as I was busy sorting stuff after work. He came to tell me Desp. Houswives was starting, and my telly was all set up for me. (what the?) He'd set up the bathroom! Bubble bath, candles and the telly! Ahhh solitude! So now in my relaxed state, I'm off to bed. The layout will have to wait till tomorrow (and so will you girls LOL!)

Oh and I didn't mention anything about our dinner out on Saturday. It was great. The boys both fell asleep in the car, Liam woke when we got there, but Ethan just transferred to the pram and stayed asleep almost the whole time. The restraunt was so cozy, it was small and the staff were so friendly and helpful. The food was just delish! Liam had a kids margarita pizza (cheese, tomato and oregano) and he ate the entire thing in a flash! This is a kid who takes two teaspoons of any food then announces he's not hungry. Brett and I got different ones so we could swap half. He has something yummy, tomato based and spicy, while I went for the very different 'curried banana pizza' I know it sounds gross, but seriously is was so yummy I can't stop thinking about it! Can't wait to go back. It wasn't really banana-ry, the sauce on the base was curry/banana, then the topping was chicken, snowpeas and a little bit of cheese. OK it still might sound gross, but it really was delish! We'll definatly be going back.


Jess said...

You're right - it sounds disgusting! lol No wonder you feel ill! Seriously, hope you're back to normal very soon. Tell Brett he's an angel.

Love your latest two - especially the white one. Love white at the moment - just can't get it to work for me!


Sofi said...

Katie, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope the spa bath helped you to relax. What a precious hubby you have!

Your layouts are so inspiring Katie. I too love the white at the moment, especially love the photo. (I think that is where I'm going wrong!).

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE............take care girl!
What a thoughtful hubby you have...TV in the I must try that one on DH.

Hey I've started your challenge....but first I need to clean up and sort my supplies ....I've made one project..only 9 to go..


jane fitchett said...

does Brett do ' how to be the perfect hubby' classes
he is such a good one!!!
hope youre feeling better- love your lo's (as usual)

Nic Wood said...

What a sweetie your hubbie is!!!

I actually tried a very similar pizza last year when we were in NZ (actually that would be the year before now - where does the time go???) It was yummo!
More gorgeous LOs. The white one is beautiful.
Nic xxx

Chris Millar said...

Just been looking through all your layouts Katie, they are all gorgeous! And well done on using up some of your old stash!