Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Challenge 2, layout #3

The final page from my challenges. Look at my gorgeous little bug in the bath. Our bath is so huge, you can't see him unless you look right over the top. Used:
1. BG skate shoppe paper scraps
2. Dee's designs rubons
3. Mix of left over chipboard letters
4. Chipboard shapes - Bazzill circles & Collections flowers
5. Brads
(just scraped in with five products on this one)

So how are your challenges going girls? I know a few of you have started.

I tried to upload my third page yesterday, but blogger was down and I was too tired to stay up and wait for it.

I started my shopping spree! I plan on doing a bit more over easter, but for starters I got some yummy WA papers and a few frames, some of the gorgeous Daisy Dee's papers (red!) and a bit of ribbon. Can't wait to get scrapping now. I need to sit down and sort out and print some photos.
Also grabbed some other goodies including some HS large chipboard letter things, like the jigsaw ones. That's for a little mothers day pressie I'm starting. Hopefully I'll get that done over the easter weekend, then I can share with you. I plan on getting LOTS of HS stuff.

Ethan has been so hungry lately. Yesterday he ate non-stop from sunrise till sunset. This morning when I left him at mums he was sitting on the step eating a whole apple (he's just discovered these and thinks they are fantastic - although I am worried about the choking thing. When are kids allowed to eat raw apples (he has almost all of his teeth, just that stubborn last molar that had the cyst, so he can chew really well). Then after eating his own breakfast, he chased dad around the house until he parted with his toast too. He must be about to have a growth spurt. I've never had a hungry child before... Liam has a VERY small appetite.

We have an Easter family day at preschool tomorrow. Nanna's and Pa's are comming, so Liam will be delighted!

I really have to get on and finish some of these photoshoots and get the proofs out. Have one set ready to go tomorrow, but I've just been selecting from the last shoot, and just can't narrow it down! She's going to end up with about 100 proofs... then she'll take FOREVER to decide. Anyway, they are gorgeous, so I'll share some when I have the OK. Not a baby this time, a beautiful little 6YO girl.


Janine K said...

Great layout and enjoy the shopping spree that will come! I could scrap for a whole year on my stash and not even come close to whittling it down, but then I have a shop so I have a bigger stash than most!

Sofi p said...

Ethan is such a cutie! Looks like he loves his bathime! Have fun with you new stash!