Friday, April 14, 2006

Feeling better.

Time clears the mind, things worked out. I love that I have the support of you all, but I don't feel right having that previous post here anymore so I deleted it. Thank you all for your kind words, you support and your advice, it means a lot and I really appreciate it.... now on with happier times :)

Had a BRILLIANT day today! Met up with some friends, had a brilliant time and got a bit of scrapping in there too. And I have finished my shopping spree. Might share pics later.

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Megan said...

Katie I don't know what was in the previous post, but I hope all is well for you :-) My life has been sheer madness and I haven't been able to keep up with everybody, but it sounds like you have had some fabulous support from your friends and I really hope everything is better for you now. Great to hear you ahd a good day today!

Megan xx