Thursday, April 06, 2006

Layouts #6,7 & 8

I'll be able to go shopping soon :D

First up, another photo of the boys @ Mills Beach. Used up some old Deja Views paper, another of the MM tags, and inspired by the HS journalling spots, I cut up a ledger card, oh and there is also a little heart brad, that I just had to have a pack of a few months ago, and... this is the first one I've used.

This second one, I just think is so darn hilarious! Not sure if you can read the journalling, even if you click on it, but it tell how Ethan loved being pushed around the house in Sarah's dolls pram, but when I came to pick him up I decided I had to go get the camera and when I took off he burst into tears. I just think he looks so funny, looks like he is crying cos he's being made to be a doll. Used up some chatterbox paper - pink doesn't move very fast in this house, and also some of the mm poolside jigsaw letters. And some pink HS bits and pieces.

And then a yucky one of my big boy hurt. He was playing Superheros and jumping from the couch onto the beanbag, when he misjudged his landing and dived head first onto the concrete floor! One of thos horrid splat noises you know you'll never forget. The lump came up imediatly, and after calming him down, he wanted to see the lump soI took him into the bathroom. He said "oh yes" and pushed on it quite hard, so I figured at that point he was probably OK. Two days later his eye turned black too. That's when this photo was taken. Poor little muffin, I've never scrapped a page of my boys hurt before, but had to use up those MM stickers. Again, cut up some ledger cards for the journalling. And the heart paperclip has been on my desk for months too.

Whoo Hoo, just two more to go. Although I do have a little confession. The postie delivered a parcel of scrapping stuff that I ordered the day before I decided to do the 10 layouts. I've been really good though, the box is sitting on the shelf behind me... it's what is driving me to finish these layouts. I've never scrapped this many layouts in a week before.

OK on with today...

You know those days, when your children just seem to have grown up over night? Well we’ve had one of those days. I woke Ethan from his morning nap to take Liam to pre-school, and I couldn’t stop looking at him… in 45 minutes he had grown up… he just looked so different! After dropping Liam at pre-school Ethan and I drove home, and the whole way I kept looking at him in the mirror, I just couldn’t get over how different he looked. Then this afternoon he saw a photo I’d printed of him and Sarah (the little girl across the road) He pointed at it and said ‘sssss’. I said “who’s that” holding up the photo for him, and again he said “ssss” and then pointed out the window at her house! One of those moments that leaves me gob smacked.
Then a few hours later he spotted a nectarine in the fruit bowl and decided he wanted it for afternoon tea. “Fruit” said mumma, “He-ooot” said bubba! He's just understanding so much all of a sudden. He walked to his highchair today, when I told him to "hop in your chair".

I had two more layouts accepted today. One for SC and one for FK. Better get organised and do the paperwork etc. Liam has an excursion for pre-school tomorrow. Ethy and I are going too, so hopefully I'll have a ton of photos... if the rain stops!


Megan said...

Katie, these layouts rock. You are doing such an awesome job churning these out. I am hoping to really get stuck into some scrapping on the weekend.

Beck said...

Gorgeous layouts Katie :o)

Love the pic of your "Ethan" dolly. Too cute!

Sarah said...

Well Miss Katie,
You are on a roll. Well done. I wish i had your MOJO at the moment. Not long till you can shop.. Whooo Hooo!!!!!!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

These layouts are fabulous. I love your work. Your ideas and designs always inspire me. Thanks for sharing.

Have a fun week end :)

Nic Wood said...

Wow Katie, you should set a challenge of who else can pump out this many awesome LO in one week. Your definatley on a roll!!! The ouch LO is fantastic..all the others are too LOL but Im really drawn to that one for some reason. So much to lok at yet the photo is still the first thing that you look at. great job.
Nic xxx

zarischka said...

Brilliant layouts - I love them ALL! :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hey sure are in a creative mood at the moment girl.
You are churning them out one by one.

I think my favourite is the "hurt"layout!Love the patterned papers here.

I'm hoping to start your challenge next week...maybe even start on's hoping....


Sofi said...

Katie, I wish I could so quickly. I love both OUCH and DOLLY. I can't believe Liam was actually pressing on his bump! He's a toughy alright!