Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunny Sunday

The hens night was good, I've never been to Docklands before. It was quite easy to find, thanks to Carol's DH directions. Although comming home the tunnel was closed which threw a spanner in the works... gave us some good laugh though and a bit of an adventure. All I can say is I'm glad Carol wasn't driving, that girl has no sense of direction, and I'm sure we would have ended up in Werribbee if we followed her directions. She is a sweetheart, and it was great to catch up with Cara too. It's been way too long. We found her new house, which is OMGosh stunning! And huge! I did think mine was big, but mine looks like a gate-cottage in comparison LOL. We got to have a quick peep at Luca before leaving too, he is soooo adorable. The last time I caught up with Cara, I was pregnant with Ethan. Luca had quite a dramatic start to life, and they are lucky to have him today. But he is doing great, and you'd never know there were any problems initially.

My gorgeous DH let me have a sleep in this morning. We met up with Lozzy, Bek and Noah for coffee and a play. Did a bit of window shopping, then headed home. Really should get my butt to church one day. Just put Liam to bed and as I was walking out his room he told me "naughty mummy, you didn't say my prayers!" Oooops. Brett usually puts him to bed. Now I have to go clean up, pack bags and do some ironing. I also need to edit another shoot, so I'll share some of those later. Hope you girls had a fab weekend too.


Megan said...

What a fab hubby you have there Katie, letting you have a sleep in. Mine usually lets me grab a few extra minutes, but it doesn't always help my mood first thing in the day LOL!

I'll be popping in egularly to say hello and catch up with what's going on.

Megan xx

kathie said...

It sounds like you had a great night out, catching up with your girlfriends. Great that you got to sleep in.