Monday, March 06, 2006

Miss Chloe

This is Miss Chloe. Such a cutie. I've done her newborn, 6 month and now 12 month portraits. She has the best eyes for catchlights. She ended up on the chair for most of her photos, because that was the only way to keep her still.

Couldnt resist this shot. She was playing peek-a-boo with her mummy. Classic! I love it! Definatly one for the scrapbook :)

Daddy's not too keen on nudie photos, but her mummy and I like this one. I put a feather boa around them, so their not too nudie-rudie. I like just a glimpse of it, it's kind of tu-tu-ish?

Played with brushes on this one. I've had people ask me how I do this, and I haven't meant to be rude, but it's a really long answer. I'll try and describe it here, but firstly let me say I worked it out by playing the other week when I did the photos of Ethan and Liam with their toy cars. I have no idea if it's the 'correct' way to do it or not.

Firstly I edited my pic to get it how I wanted it in full colour.

Then I used brushes to create both the photo border, and the little box border around the flowers. This little border I faded by 50%.

Using the rectangular marquee (?) tool I selected the entire photo, and desaturated it by 50%.

Again using the rec.marq tool I selected only the flower/border area and increased the saturation by 50%.

I kept doing this until I had obtained the level of colour I wanted. Some I have desaturated completly to B&W, others I have left a faint tint of colour in (including this one).

So if you can understand my instructions, give it a try, and let me know how you go.

As for the rest of the day, it was quite the norm really; worked. I did get a SM acceptance, and also last week was asked to do a challenge - using some papers I'd been eyeing off. They should arrive tomorrow, I haven't seen them in the flesh yet. Looking forward to it.

Have a great day my friends!


jane said...

hi katie
your photos of chloe are Beautiful, and the editing is stunning too - lucky chloe! (have to say, im wanting that chair she is sitting on!!)
well done on the sm acceptance too

Megan said...

Oh Katie these photos are just beautiful - what a gorgeous little girl Chloe is!

Megan xx

janinek said...

Katie the photos are stunning! There is something amazing about good photography that just draws you in.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.............these look great!
MAybe the mum could bring out the second one on Cloe's 21st! LOL!

Great work with the's fun and addictive though watch out!


Lisa said...

I'd have squeeled too when I saw these pics. They are amazing - capturing the innocence and mischief of a child at the same time! Well done.
I'm hoping to meet you at a crop on the 18th. Jane has told me your work in real life is To DIE FOR lol.
Catch you then