Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Speech assessment

Liam had his speech assessment this morning . He did really well, and the lady he is seeing is just lovely. Had him at ease straight away. He just thought the whole thing was a game. He loved all the attention, which is great. He does need a bit of work, but she thinks he is very close to putting it all together, so shouldn’t be too long at all. Just as well, when you see the prices they charge! His main areas that need attention are k, j & f, and also sm & sn sounds. But usually only when the word begins with that letter. For example he has trouble with words like kite, but can say book perfectly. When the difficult sound is at the end of the word he can say it well. It’s going to be a month until we see her again though, as school holidays and easter get in the way. I’m looking forward to working on this though, and hopefully we’ll see some improvements soon. It’s amazing to watch her teach him, for example with each letter she had a hand action which is really hard to describe, but showed him visually how to make the sound. He got is straight off when she used the actions.
Anyway, my amazing big boy helped clean up today, and even vacuumed his own room. I was so proud of him, he looked so sweet lugging the vac around, and I have to admit he did a better job than me. He pulled all of the furniture out and cleaned behind. I’m impressed.
After dropping him at pre-school I edited some photos (for me), and finished off a layout. I was planning on using this tag with a newborn photo, but a pregnancy photo seemed more fitting. Luckily I have ‘a few’. LOL. This was my belly at around 32 weeks.
Rach came over for a cuppa, and to have some photos taken. It was so lovely to catch up with her, I’m going to miss her : ( But I’m sure she’ll love Canberra (like I’d know, cos I’ve never even been there!), but its something she has wanted for a long time, and I wish her well with the whole move. We popped the camera on the tripod and set the timer and took a couple of pics of us together too. We haven’t known each other for all that long really. I used to see her work in the mags, and new she was kind of near me. It always got my attention to see someone local. After stumbling across her on Scrapboxx I sent her an email, which I thought she snubbed, but as it worked out she was working at the craft show in Melbourne, at the same time as me. Emails flew back and forth, we met & we hit it off… and now she is leaving. I really will miss her. She is a beautiful girl.
Lou-lou came to pic up Chloe’s photos. I love giving her her photos cos she always squeals with excitement. She’s good for sales when you give them to her in a public place LOL! Books me a few sittings, when people come to see what she is squealing over! I love nothing more than a mumma that loves her photos. Squeals are good, and so are tears!


Donna WIlson said...

Glad it all went well for you today.. You'll be amazed at how quickly they pick things up... and playing the games through the sessions always help too *LOL* xx

Megan said...

Katie I am so pleased things went well for Liam today - sounds like he did everything so brilliantly.

I'm not at all surprised that Lou-lou loved those photographs; they are really beautiful.

I don't know Rach very well at all, but from the contact I have had with her she is gorgeous, and everyone I know who knows her raves about how lovely she is. Thank goodness for telephones and emails!

Megan xx

Nic Wood said...

Gald to hear all went well with the 'speechy'. Im sure he will jsut love going - the work they do with kids is so much like games and good fun that the kids are usually begging to go back LOL.

Im sure your sad Rach is going - thnk goodness for the computer hey! I met Rach in QLD last year and she is just gorgeous, so generous, funny and such good value!

Nic xxx

kathie said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went well for Liam. It sounds like he'll really enjoy his lessons, which is a great thing. LOL about the vacuuming. Fantastic helper you've got there!
I love, love, love the photos of Chloe. Especially the b&w ones and the one with the coloured flower. Great work! I wish we lived closer and you could take Jamie's photos :)

Jess said...

So pleased Liam's assessment went well and that he enjoyed it too.

Loving the photos and layouts you're turning out. I took one look at the We R Memory Keepers tags you've used and ordered some!

How are things looking for the last week of March? Can we catch up?


jane said...

hi there
good news about Liams speech, a few of my friends have been through this with their kids too.
love the little vacumner- my kids just run the other way!
im Laughing at how you met Rach,sounds familiar.....Hi Katie, my name is Jane,and Im wondering if you do classes, as i would like to do one........LOL!!
You 2 will no doubt keep in touch, and its a good excuse to visit Canberra one day.
have a great day

Sofi said...

It's good to hear that Liam enjoyed his lessons. By the way, he sounds like a real little helper!

Keep up the brillaint layouts Katie, I'm so slow with my layouts!


Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE....glad things went well with Liam.It's called 'CUED ARTICULATION" the porgram that the speechie was using with him.
Let me know if you need any more help with this. You can actually purchase little booklets with the hand actions for each sound pattern.
The reason it works is because some children can't comprehend abstract sounds as such....but give them an added visual stimulus to assist them and they can associate that with the sound. Does that make sense?
I use to use CUED ARTICULATION with my PREPS as I introduced a new sound/letter......the kids loved it and it made learning a whole lot more fun!