Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Firstly, thank you all for your lovely emails and comments on Liam's speech assessment. And thanks Lyn for the explanation. You know now I will be bombarding you with emails if I forget to ask something on the day LOL. Didn't know I had my own lil'expert here :)

Work again today. Same old stuff. I worked hard all morning, and by about 4.00 I had finished everything. The time ticked over so slowly while I looked for other jobs to do... then at 4.48 (12 minutes before home time) 'Son' came a dumped a pile of work on my desk! Grrrrr. I pushed though it as quick as I could, then left and told him he'd have to finish it himself. Bugger knew I had spare time this afternoon, but waited till the last minute to give me the extra work... too bad! Apart from that is was a good day.

Ethan walks everywhere now, hardly ever crawls. He's getting so fast, and he thinks he's a really good climber too, unfortunatly we have concreate floors, so I get a bit worried. I lost him for a moment yesteday, and I found him sitting in a chair in Liams room - looking like he was the king of the castle. Such a cute little button that boy. I actually have a photo, but I have to download and resize it. (and then I'd probably have to attack it with brushes too LOL)

And tonight I've been having a nice little scrap with some of my new BG papers. So far so good, I'll post tomorrow when it's finished.

More for my record than anything, I want to keep track of how long/often my pelvis keep playing up for, so you don't have to read on. Some of you may know that while I was pregnant with my boys, my pelvis separated. Basically, the piece of cartlidge at the front of my pelvis broke away from the bone. It happened in the last week or so with Liam, but no one picked it up, and I just thought it was a normal discomfort of pregnacy. With Ethan it happened at 6 months and was BAD. I had to see a physio that specialised in pregnancy probs every week. She was worth a million dollars and saved my sanity. It is the same (or very similar) to the injury footballers get, where the muscle tears away from the pelvis. The name escapes me right now. Footballers are made to rest for 12-24 months for it to heal ... us woman get to give birth (drug free!!)! Now tell me which is the tougher sex LOL Anyway today it has been playing up again. It does this from time to time, so I was thinking that I would record it here, and see if I can pick up a pattern. It usually happens when I've been carrying the boys around, but I've been at work today, so that gets rid of that theory.


Megan said...

Katie that sounds so painful. By all means keep a record of it here, and yes, us women are tough, aren't we?!

Megan xx

Jess said...

I thought that had healed! That's terrible that you're still having problems. Hope you can find a pattern so you can minimize it.

You're boss' son sounds like such a creep. Sooner you can ditch that job the better!


kathie said...

What a little so-and-so. I'm glad that you left it for him to do. He has to learn about ;)

Your pelvis sounds painful. I have heard of that happening. I didn't realise that it could cause so many problems afterwards though. Hopefully you can spot a pattern, and in the meantime, we'll just all sympathise.


Carolyne said...

only know your situation too well, work wise that is. i'm so sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your pelvis - hope you find a pattern so it can be sorted out. hugs girl.