Thursday, March 09, 2006

Danny 'O & Basic Grey

Hi Lisa, nice to have you pop in. I couldn't find your email so hopefully you'll pop back in and see this :) It will be nice to catch up with you and Jane next week.

My Scrapbooking Memories Challenge pack arrived today. Its for K&Co papers (I was tempted to call my blog K&Co). After seeing Kylie Fenners layout with these papers I began searching for them but couldn't find them. Then Krys emailed me re the challenge, and told me she had the Danny O papers picked out for me... perfect! I got the whole pack which is 6 sheets of paper, the bubble letters, the dimensional vintage car stickers, and the flat word stickers. Can't wait to create with this lot. They really are right up my alley :)

Here is last nights layout. I absolutly love these Basic Grey papers. Liam's room on our old house was decorated with rockets and stars. So little boyish... love them. Lots of stitching here too, but this time with black cotton - so now you can really see how messy my stitching is. Lucky I like things shabby. This layout got me thinking about what my style is. This is what I came up with...
I like shabby but clean;
Textured but minimalistic;
An odd number of elements, but a balanced layout
Pretty, but boyish
Focused on the photo, but meaningful, heartfelt journalling;
So, is there a name for that? LOL Does there really need to be a name for it? It's me, and it's how I like my albums... so there!

Liam had swimming this morning, and in the spirit of the Commonwealth Games, every swimmer got a medal. After their lesson, they all had their turn to stand on the podium and be presented with a gold medal. Luckily the centre manager took a photo of each child, and is emailing them out. I haven't received it yet, but I'll share when it comes. Of all the mornings to not take my camera. Thats on of the drawbacks to my camera, it is big, and I have to take a whole camera bag along. It would be great to have something like a little powershot, that would fit in the pocket of my bag. But I love my camera!

Pre-school... Liam baked biscuits. All the mummy's (daddy's/grandparents etc) are invited for morning tea tomorrow, so they baked the biscuits today. We'll be waited on by our very grown up little boys and girls.

Ethan's teeth must be hurting, didn't sleep well last night. Lets hope for a better one tonight.


Rach Axton said...

Hey Katie!!! Sorry I didn't make it yesterday.. we had a change of plans.. gasp! and are leaving today.. so..... I packed all day.. lol..

Thanks for a great arvo on Tuesday!! Love your BG layout and have fun with your K&Co challenge..

kathie said...

What a great challenge kit! LOL, when I did a challenge for SM last year I got three patterned papers and a mini-coaster thingo (that didn't seem to match the papers!). Fullstop. That was it. No big spread of materials to pick and choose from. Your lot looks lots more manageable!

I love the layout. I adore that paper. Must get some.

jane said...

WOW, your layout is fantastic-might have to borrow that quote- and is that your handwriting- it looks fantastic! i have a piece of the K and co cars-must find it, now that ive gotmy 'scarproom' in a cupboard (im so excited) i may get some work done!! lucky you to get so much stuff for the challenge. chloe has swimming today- better take my camera 'just in case' they do something as fun- what a great idea for the kids

Nic Wood said...

Love what youve done with the BG papes Katie - just gorgeous! Ive got rockets and stars in mind for Isaacs room when I put him into a cot. Ive got a gorgeous PP quilt set that I will base it around. Love to see a pic of Liams old room if you have one!
Nic xxx
PS hope you get some more sleep tonight LOL

Carolyne said...

mmmmm, i am so jealous that you are whipping these goodies out k....have you received me email about good friday?????? email me girl. everything you are doing lately is GORGEOUS. sleep well tonight.hugs.

Megan said...

Katie that layout is pure magic! It is so beautiful and I can't stop looking at it!

Megan xx