Friday, March 10, 2006

bonvoyage mum & dad!

My mum and dad leave tonight for Hong Kong! They definatly need a break, they work so hard looking after Liam, Ethan and Aidan while my sister and I work. They are just the best! And after the past few months with dad's heart scares, pacemakers, etc, then loosing Rupert - they definatly deserve it, and I hope they have a ball! They have quite a shopping list to take with them, as you can imagine.

I see those adds on TV telling you how important it is for children to eat breakfast. I always thought 'der! what kind of mother wouldn't feed their child breakfast!' ... my type, that's who. Friday mornings Liam has to be at pre-school by 8.30, and it is just impossible to get him to eat anything before about 9.00. I've packed 'breaky' for him to eat in the car, but still no luck. He just says he's not hungry. Usually I make an effort to serve it to him anyway, hopeful that he might eat something, but this morning we were running late, so I didn't even try. I figured why waste another 10 minutes when he's not going to eat it anyway... Horrible mum I am! Oh well, he made it through the day alive :) He does manage a milk drink, so at least that's something.

Morning tea at pre-school was great. All the kids were hidden 'back stage' and when their teacher called them they all one-by-one stepped up next to her and said "hello, my names Liam" (etc) Well in Liam's case, his name is Miam. I was amazed. I would be too shy to say that infront of the other mums! Some did mumble into their hands, and cuddle in to their teacher, but it really was great to see them step up and be brave. Of course they were all rewarded with big applause. They sang a little song for us, then we were then served punch in cups decorated especially for us, and really yummy biscuits. (really yummy!) Then we had outside time - which Ethan LOVED! It was really nice to chat to some of the other mums too. All of my girlfriends have their children in other groups, so it's nice to meet new people. There wasn't a whole lot of cameras around though, so their can't be too many scrapbookers in his group - yet! LOL

Looked after my nephew (and mums dog) this afternoon too, he's only 7 months younger than Liam so they get along really well. It was also mum's group day, so we did manage to catch up with Lou, Matty & Chloe (from the pics), and Donna, Blake & Kade. Poor Lachlan's not well, so Kate & Bethany couldn't come either. We went to the play centre... I can't believe I now have to pay $4.90 for Ethan! Cost something like $18 for the three of them to have a play for a few hours, then the owner made all the kids pack up the toys! I'm all for my children being responsible for themselves, and cleaning up their mess, but we went to the play centre (and paid $20!) so we didn't get left with a mess. We re-assessed out budget this week, and are sticking to it. Since we started building this house, we've slipped into so many bad habbits, but my resolution this year was to be more organised. Time wise, family wise, work wise, health wise and money wise.

I cleaned my desk this morning while Liam was a pre-school, and I made 3 cards with some of the scraps I found on it.

I've made a good start on my challenge layout. Just have the title and accents to do.


Jess said...

Don't feel bad about breakfast. I took Angus to Gymbaroo yesterday morning and it wasn't until we got home and were reading a story at about 10:30 that I realised I had FORGOTTEN to give him breakfast! Gorgeous bubby that he is, he didn't complain, but you should have seen how fast it disappeared when I did give it to him!

Megan said...

It sounds like you had a very busy day Katie - and a big congrats to Liam for getting up there in front of everyone! And yes, I'm sure you'll convert all those mothers before too long!

Megan xx