Saturday, March 11, 2006

The 'other' Danny O layout

I actually ended up making two Danny O layouts. The first will be for Scrapbooking Memories, so of course I can't upload that one, but here is another I made. I love those little dimensional car stickers. A few weeks ago I was inspired by a Pumpkin Patch top to make a layout, it was one I did the night I cropped with Jane. My problem was I got so carried away chatting (me? oh I know!) I forgot the direction I was headed in, and the layout ended up nothing like the top. I searched everywhere for little vintage car cliparts or anything, but couldn't find them. I forgot about it until Jane reminded me in an email this morning and I realised the K&Co cars would be perfect. So I set off again to create a layout inspired by the top... this is the result - and again it is NOTHING like it! Maybe I should just go get the top!!! The Danny O papers are much more 'busy' than I am used to, but it is fun to be different occasionally... and hey it's only a layout, take a chance girl, it's not the end of the world if you dont like it. That said, I do like it. I like the 'other' one better though. I love having two boys. I love that I can make them each a layout in the same papers. Just have to finalise the paperwork and it'll be on it's way to ExPub on Monday, along with another they accepted last week. Murphy's Law I'll get another acceptance after I've posted. I've hung on for a week to see if they wanted any others but so far no news.

Brett has been out most of the day. We were going to go out together, but Ethan really needed to have a decent sleep in his cot. The poor bub gets dragged around so much during the week, he ends up having his naps in the car or pram all the time. He's not quite himself either. It's either this tooth, or he's comming down with something. Next weekend is my scrapping night out, so I guess it's fair he had today out :)

Liam's having a 'sleep-over' on the couch tonight. He gets all excited about it, drags his doona out to the lounge and watches telly till he falls asleep. It's an occasional weekend treat.


kathie said...

Oooh, yummy layout. I can't wait to see the SM one, if you like that better. Glad that it worked out well.
Love those little cars too. Cute boys papers and stuff, that's what I like to see. I'm so over the token stripes that are out there as the "alternative" to the floral papers in some ranges.

Carolyne said...

yummo as always sound like one busy mumma!!! hugs.

jane said...

hee, hee not sure if i should say whoops sorry i distracted you, or cool, Ive helped with your LO!it looks so good by the way- love that little road- cant wait to see the SM one.
just reading our entry above about Ethan,i hope it doesnt develop into something more- we all woke up this morning with raging sore throats and horrible runny noses -yick- i think we all had about 4hrs sleep last night- yick!
hope ethan is feeling better