Saturday, March 04, 2006

layouts & hens night

Love these photos of Mr E messing up my bed. Such a little scallywag! Love that cheeky grin. I know it's an unusual paper choice, but the green and burgandy matched the photos.

And my sweet little baby when he was just 10 hours old. This is when Liam first saw him. He was born at 11.04pm, so we called mum to tell her the news, but Liam was fast asleep. It was such a precious time when he first came to the hospital. I'll never forget the look on his face when we asked him if he had seen who was in the cot. He looked at the cot, then looked at my belly, back at the cot, back at my belly, then said "bubby come out!" Love this layout, makes me happy :)

We are off to celebrate Maggie's hens night tonight. I have two outfits picked out, one I really want to wear, the other is incase it's still too hot to wear that one. I've been thinking about how ironic hens nights are. One last night on the town, one last night of freedom, one last time she'll be able to hit the town with the girls - and who is taking her? A bunch of married woman! Can I admit I'd rather go scrapping? We have to go to docklands, and I'm designated driver. Mt Martha to Doclands, via Skye to pick up another girlfriend... thats like 2 hours. I hate driving in the city, such a country bumpkin. I'm sure we'll enjoy it though. Our friend Cara, who is one of the girls I'm picking up, is sure to be nervous about now. It's her first time leaving little Luca :( I'm sure he'll be fine too, but I know what that's like also.

So girls, have a nice night.


Carolyne said...

your pages are gorgeous as always the messing up the bed one, PERFECT!!!

Lyn Dwyer said... this layout of Ethan!Just gorgeous!
Hope you had a great night out last night!

I know what is is like to be the designated driver.....LOL!


kathie said...

Love the bright layout. The aubergine and green look great on it! And what a precious photo of Ethan :). Awwww.
LOL about the hens' night. Have fun!

Megan said...

Katie these are amazing. Your layouts are always amazing!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today :) Can I please add you to my links list? I'd really like it if I could.

Have a great night!
Megan xx

steph caskey devlin said...

Hi Katie, Just thought I would say hello....

This is not a "she dropped in on my blog so I will say how wonderful her layouts is" response.....

You layouts ARE gorgeous

I haven't seen your work before... but I might begin to lurk....he he he.

Stay in touch and have a beautiful day.

Steph. x

Donna said...

I love the contrasty colours in your 'messing up' lo...not an odd choice at all - an inspired choice I think! :) Love it.

Rach Axton said...

Oh I love them both.. the first one the colours are sensational.. love the burgundy and lime green such a yummo combo! lol.. and the 2nd is sooo divine.. the tag looks great too.. they are darn cute.. lol..