Friday, March 03, 2006

More goodies - new BG

Tia's photos all ready for collection! What do you think of my new packaging. I was making little albums to present them in. Simple spiral bound cardstock, with a personalised cover, then one photo per page, held in place with clear photo corners. It was costing quite a bit though, and taking too much time. I found these little boxes at the Reject shop for $2 each. Couldn’t get pink, so I’ve got purple for girls, aqua for boys, and gold for family etc. Perfect sizes too, 4x6 and 5x7.Cheap, easy, and I think they look quite pretty with a chiffon bow around them.

All day I’ve been itching to scrap. Just don’t know where to start. My desk is a MESS, and lately that hasn’t bothered me much, but today I feel smothered by it all. I finally finished the CJ. I made out favourite pasta dish during the week and photographed that, and this morning while Liam was at pre-school I did our other favourite recipe - sticky date pudding! YUM. I did cheat though, I scanned the pic out of the cook book and reprinted it.

My lovely father-in-law (I have the best in-laws) dropped in this morning, just before it was time to pic Liam up, so he came with me. I’m not sure who was more excited - Poppy to see Liam at pre-school, or Liam to see Poppy pick him up. Those two have had such an amazing bond from day one. Liam was so excited too look up and see poppy, he just about shook his little friend to tell him ‘that’s my poppy!’ It’s so beautiful. I dread the day my kids are embarrassed to be seen with their parents etc. Does it happen to all kids? Not mine hopefully LOL

After lunch, Poppy decided to come grocery shopping with us. It was heaven. Not only did I have someone to entertain the boys, he also pushed the trolly (and Liam insisted on the one with the double seat thing in front) which is like trying to drive a semi-trailer through a supermarket. Helped strap everyone back in the car, carry the groceries etc. and I shop fortnightly so there was quite a few. I was relieved that the bill was much cheaper than last fortnight’s $440!
On arriving home I checked the email to find the new CTYD newsletter. They’ve got all the new BG stuff in. I’d heard lots about it, but I have never been mad on BG really. I’ve liked a few lines, but nothing to go into a frenzy over. Well until I saw the oh baby boy range. I instantly fell in love with the rocket one - Dawson. Had to have it. So when Brett finally arrived home from work (the poor darling had to drive to Laverton today) I took off up to the shop. Just being in there makes me happy. I ended up buying a lot of the oh baby boy range, and also a bit of the color me silly range too - love the frog paper. Also loved the new rubons, anything swirly is good. And seeing as I was spending money I also had to get the We are Memory Keepers tags. I’ve been eyeing those off for a while. Surely I still have some little baby photos I haven’t scrapped yet.

My little cherub (the big one) having a sleepover at Nanny & Poppy’s tonight. He LOVES it! That’s something I was never able to do, as my grandparents were overseas, but Brett tells me how much he used to love staying at his nannas.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie......I bet Liam just loved his poppy picking him up!
My boys all use to have sleep overs.....they loved it...mind you we didn't always get mch sleep due to the giggling and chatter that was happening. I miss those days...

Nice to see you spending some money on scrap supplies.


kathie said...

Those boxes are beautiful. I'm sure your clients appreciate that little touch.
You have the Baby Boy papers!!!! I'm so jealous. I went crazy when Jamie was born and bought a whole heap of papers at about Christmas time (not BG) to do some pages. And, of course, I haven't had that much time and its still all sitting there. And now BG has to bring out this gorrrrgeoussss paper! Aaargh! How can I justify it? LOL

Jessica Lothian said...

What a fantastic FIL! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your new papers. I got lots of the Colour Me Silly range in yesterday, and the Urban Couture which I LOVE! Don't know that I have any photos to use it with, but I can always just drool on it! And the new BG rub-ons are gorgeous - Donna had a crop last night and they sold out in about 10 minutes!

Rach Axton said...

Hey Katie!!!

Yep I'll be over on Tuesday arvo!!! Looking forward to it!! and yummo good choices on the BG!! I love this release.. something for everyone!!

Love your little boxes.. they look gorgeous.. as do all the photos.. Can't wait to see what you scrap.. Email me :)

jane said...

the boxes look fabulous!
popped in to ctyd, and just had to get some more new BG -just wish the darling kidlets would let me scrap!!
hope the sleepover went well,sounds like your inlaws are great

Lyn Dwyer said...

I forgot to tell you that the boxes look gorgeous and so are the pics!
So special and I think the presentation of the pics is important.Well done!


Megan said...

Totally love those boxes for your photos. You are such an awesome person. Most people would just hand the photos over in an envelope. So wanting some of the new BG as well. I will have to go find some.