Thursday, March 02, 2006

haircut & shopping = good day

I was too exhausted last night, so took myself off to bed early, after working all day, then a few more hours of photo editing. Work was, well, work. Boss came back from O/S trip, so son is 'polite' again. Best part of my day was my lunch date with DH. We've decided first Wednesday of the month is 'date day'. We had lunch on the beach. I think we were in Aspendale, but not quite sure... somewhere along there. Anyway that was nice. Then we had dinner and mum and dads, so that was nice too.

Today has been another full on frantic day. FINALLY got my hair cut and colored. About time, it was getting soooo long. Felt like a frump. Liam had to miss swimming because of my haircut, but believe me it was more important! Raced off to pre-school, then to reprint some photos I wasn’t happy with, then went and did a bit of clothes shopping. Lay-byed a pair of pants for work, two shirts for work or play, and a pink top. Bought a cute (well they are not really that cute when they are a size 10!) pair of boots for me. Cute? More funky I’d say. I have a hens night on Saturday night, so I think I’ll wear them to that. Bit exhausted tonight, so I’ve given the boys dinner early, so hopefully they’ll be tired early. I still have a few things to fix up with the latest photo order, but should be all ready tomorrow… then I can get paid : )
Also got my FK today, and a cheque. Haven't actually sat down to look at it yet though.
I’d love to get some scrapping done too, just need so many more hours in the day! I really need to finish my 2peas CJ, but where oh where am I going to get the time to cook my favourite recipe and photograph it. I've done one, but still need to do the other. Hopefully I'll have something pretty to share soon.


Carolyne said...

katie, just buy something and photograph it already made up-voila!!! you have your photo and then put a recipe to it. no one will notice.......ha!!! your day sounds so busy, hope you have a relaxing weekend installed. congrats on your pages in FK-very cute. hugs.

kathie said...

I love Carolyne's suggestion! Good idea. I felt tired just reading through your day. Glad the bosses' son is polite again, lol. I can't wait to get my FK. Do you have a layout in it? I'll have to remember to keep my eye out for it.

Katie Toland said...

thanks Carolyne & Kathie, I was actually thinking of scanning the photo out of the cookbook! I want to do Sticky date pudding, but it's not only too long and complicated to cook, it's also too hot to have the oven on!

Kathie I have two pages in FK. Our baby boy is in the single photo gallery, and Reflection is in Those Eyes gallery. Still haven't read through it yet. I'll have to look up your layouts.

Donna WIlson said...

You always feel better after having your hair done don't you... Almost feel human again *LOL*
Your day did sound very busy. xx

Megan said...

Ohh Katie I agree with Kathie - I too was feeling tired just reading your post. Totally know what you mean about the haircut. So need to get mine done - feels so much better when it's just been cut. Hope you get some spare time soon. Katie not scrapping is just too awful to think about!!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie................glad you got to do something for you yesterday and getting your haircut sounded like just the thing you needed to do for you.

Sounds like the bosses son is a bit of a is he not!The sooner you go full time Photographer the better I say....
Congrats on your published layouts...don't stree about the CJ a few more dyas won't matter.


jane said...

yes- well if i had an extra 10hrs a day, I may just get some scrapping done! Luke hasnt fallen asleep before 9.30pm for over a week- ithink its time to consider a bed for him! your LOs in FK our gorgeous- took the mag to playgroup, and one of the girls pointed out Our Baby Boy- it was cool to say-thats Katie I know her!!!LOL they both look wonderful-will give these girls your flyer too. Im getting my haircut tomorrow too(down your way)- cant wait,it needs some shaping desperately
have a great night, hope you get some shpping done
ps sorry, havent had time to send you anything (see opening comment)LOL

jane said...

that should read
hope you get some scrapping done