Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goodbye Rupert :(

When my sister was 15 she bought her second horse. She had owned a pony for a few years before, but had outgrown her. After lots of searching RUPERT was found, and quickly became part of our family. Such a special part of Samantha’s life. Over the next 19 years her love for him only grew. He was such a beautiful natured horse, so gentle. He would let her little boy Aidan stand under his belly and tickle him, he’d nuzzle gently against Aidan, he was like her first child. This morning she received the news that he had died in the night. He was found early this morning by the property owners. It’s believed that he had a heart attack. They have said he obviously died peacefully as the ground around him was undisturbed. He’d just lay down, and died. She understandably can’t see him, so Mum and Dad have arranged for him to be buried at a horse cemetery in Main Ridge. It may seem crazy to some people, but her heart is absolutely breaking. For 19 years he was her companion. He outlasted boyfriends, her husband knew if he wanted to marry Sam, he’d also be marrying Rupert! He was such a big part of her life, he will always be such a big part of her memories. She is devastated. We are all very sad :(


Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh KATIE...............my thoughts are with you all at this sad time!
TAKE CARE....and I hope your sister is able to move on with her life after losing Rupert.
Perhaps you could offer to scrap a page of Rupert and get your sister to add the journaling...I wouldn't suggest doing it straight away...but it may help down the track a bitwith the healing process for both of you.
((((hugs))))))))) Lyn

Natasha said...

I know exactly how your sister feels. I lost my first horse last year. She was a 14.2h grey mare called Kellie and she was almost 29 and she had been part of the family since she was 3 and i was 5. It was devastating. My thoughts are with all of you especially Samantha.

jane said...

thats so sad. Thankfully it wasnt prolonged, and he had agood life by the sound of it. I hope your sister will feel better soon
my sympathies go to Sam, you and your family

kathie said...

Losing an animal companion is one of the saddest things. They give so much unconditional love and are hard to say goodbye to. Sending Samantha big hugs.

Julie LOVE said...

Oh that is sooo sad :0(

I can totally understand how your sister feels....animals do become a HUGE part of our lives if we let them....horses are such beautiful natured animals too