Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pricing feedback {please}

OK girls, when I started the whole photography thing I set my prices low to 'get out there', to get a client base happening. I knew most of my work would come by word-of-mouth, recomendations from other clients. I gave myself six months working on prices that would cover my expenses and let me earn enough to make it worth my while. I knew that in those six months I would make a lot of changes, I'd discover systems that were just not going to work, and find better ways of doing things. Some things have stayed the same, some have changed, and some I have stopped doing altogether. I've bought new equipment, I've tried many different processors, I've tried different ways of having my children cared for while I work, and working around them. I've made lots of changes, gained lots of experience, and IMPROVED a lot (IMO LOL). It was September/October 05, when I first took the plunge, so my current prices are set to expire on 31/3/06. I need to get orgnised with my flyers and advertising, and I'd love some input into the following prices. (You can email me at if you are not comfortable leaving your opinions as a comment). I'd really love to know what you think people would be prepared to pay, and you've seen a bit of my recent work (if you haven't, just scroll down or look at the Feb archive.)

Sitting fee
In my home: $50
On location: 75

Basic orders:
4x6 prints (minimim of 10) $5 each
5x7 prints (minimum of 10) $8 each

8x10 Enlargements $25 each
Larger sizes: Price on application

Birth announcements, thankyous & invitations
Pack of 30 $25

Purchased images on CD
(so you can get your own reprints/enlargements)
$75 (I was thinking $100, but is that too much?)

Secondary editing (changes etc) after proofs
$5.00 per photo

I would probably offer something like 20% off photo total, and throw in the CD for nothing if the entire order is purchased, which is usually something like 60-80 photos. I think I would send this information off with the proofs though, rather than putting it on the advertising.

Just had it suggested that I add in the old pricing for comparison:
Photos and sitting fee are the same, except I sold the CD for $30 as a package with the 10 prints. The CD still only contained the images they purchased (had printed) and didn't offer enlargements. As I loose the oportunity to sell any reprints or enlargements by selling the CD, I really want it to cover the loss of income there.

The thankyous etc were 30 for $20

I didn't charge for secondary editing - but that's one change I know I need to make.

So, that's it girls. Even if you are just a *lurker*, I would still love and appreciate your input - good, bad or ugly (well maybe not too ugly LOL)


Donna WIlson said...

These prices seem pretty reasonable to me, although I'm a mother who's NEVER had a professional photo taken of either of her kids (I'm terrible I know)but they'd be prices I'd be happy to pay.. Now I know you're going to say you're in QLD, or some other far away state. LOL.

jane fitchett said...

hi Katie
they look pretty good to me too
will compare them to others ive got and let you know- too tired tonight after the big trip to the zoo!!!!

Donna said...

I think the fees are VERY reasonable. I would consider going higher on the 'location' fee...petrol costs are high these days + wear and tear on your car.

I would also go higher on the purchased CD. As a customer, I would tend to buy the CD and then get them printed in my own time. It's fair that this arrangement doesn't disadvantage you in any way.

I think your fees are well worth what the client is getting. I would pay those fees for sure.

I would also make sure you charge for your time in terms of any major editing stuff...I know how long it can take. And even though you will probably never recoup enough to cover it in reality, there should be something in there that compensates you for your time and expertise.

Does that help? lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you prices are very reasonable Katie; Your work is fab, and at a good price too. If people want cheaper prices, well they can just shop around, they certainly won't find quality, that's for sure. Cheap and nasty will always be cheap and nasty!

Megan said...

I think those prices are totally justified. You are an awesome photographer. I agree with Donna about charging a little extra for the CD. You don't want to get jibbed!

Nic Wood said...

Hi Katie

Just found your blog through Rach's. I so wish you were closer to me. Your photogrphs are just stunning, and I think your pricing is very reasonable (dont suppose your location cost covers a trip to Adelaide LOL)
Great to see your photos and LOs here, Ill pop in again. Ive havn't been near the forums much lately, including 2peas, and Ive been missing a 'Katie fix' - your little boy LOs are so gorgeous & inspirational!
Nic xxx