Sunday, February 26, 2006

Snapshots of Sunday

Last nights layout. The photo has been printed for about a year, I just didn't get around to scrapping it.

And my little peeping Tom. He loves to peek out this bottom window and watch what is happening in the street. Unfortunatly he has chewed the window frame (not daddy's favourite boy!)

Walking :) Still not the best photo. I've tried a few times to capture his first steps, but I always seem to have bad light, and hes fast = blurry pics.

And the best way to spend a tired afternoon, lazing infront of a movie. When Liam is tired and cranky, he's allowed to have his dummy for quiet time, but he has to lie down. Todays movie was Jamanji. The little girl is our neighbour Sarah, also known as Ethan's *other* mummy. Wouldn't it be nice hey!

7.10 am, that's the time Brett came in! I called at 3.00, but got no answer, thought he probably couldn't hear his phone, and he'd be home soon. Called again at 5.30, just wanted to make sure he was OK. All those horrible thoughts of falling asleep driving etc running through my mind.

We went for a wander down Main St (Mornington), had coffee (and a warm hot chocolate). Liam did well and asked the waitress for his order. We are working on his confidence to talk to *strangers* (the good kind), actually we are working on his talking in general. I spoke to his teacher this week, and she is going to refer him on for speach therapy for us. There is a big waiting list to do it publicly, but it's only $7 a session, and I have a friend doing it who recommends them. In the mean time, we are going to start him privatly, which is about $50 a session, until a place comes up for him through the hospital. It's something we don't want to delay any longer, and feel the quicker we can get onto it the better. We'd like it all sorted out before he starts school. Kids are nasty enough as it is, I don't want to give them anything to pic on him for. His speach isn't THAT bad, but it could be better, and we'd rather get him the help now.


Jess said...

Great photos Katie! I especially love the one of Ethan peeking out the door. And how clever is he walking!! Angus still won't stand by himself yet. Not that I'm really complaining, the longer he stays my bubby the better!


Donna WIlson said...

Great photos... I'm a *lurker* so this is my first comment on your blog... my DS (7yr) has been doing speech therapy privately (through his school day) which costs us $45.00 (eek) per 1/2 hr. We get back $21.00 through private health. He's only been going for about 4 months, and the change is already amazing. Definitely money well spent, but even better when he doesn't have to go anymore :)

kathie said...

Love the layout with all the cute, bright coloured word strips down the side.
Wow! It must have been some bucks show. I couldn't do that anymore - stay out until 7am. The closest I get to it these days is when I'm up feeding Jamie at 5am and hear the neighbours kids come home, lol!