Saturday, February 25, 2006


So, did I get your attention? Did I scare you? Would have scared me, except it's NOT me! My girlfriend Carol is preggers! Remember the wedding photos, she's the bride. I'm soooo happy for them! And I'll have another bub to photograph too :)

Kylie Fenner put out a challenge to create a layout in 30 minutes... I've just finished mine 3 hours later!

Brett is out at a bucks night, so I got the boys into bed early, and got scrapping. First up I had to finish the tag from a CJ, that I forgot to do. Still have a CJ to do that I haven't even started. Got another set of proofs out today though, so hopfully I'll be able to get into it very soon.

I'll post something pretty to look at soon, my scanner is useless at 12x12's. It's hinged along the side, not top, so you have to turn the page around, and then you get oposing shaddows on everything. I'll wait for daylight and take a pic. Hope you are having a good weekend.

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Carolyne said...

i was thinking 'WHAT' - but then did my maths and thought you couldn't be that silly....HA!!! happy for your friend K....look forward to seeing your pages.hugs.