Friday, February 24, 2006

clean house

Liam had four hours of preschool this morning, and I cleaned like a crazy woman the whole time, with Ethy on my tail. He's not sure whether to love the vacuum or hate it. One minute he's trying to hitch a piggy-back ride on it, the next he's trying to climb my legs and get away from it. I love having a clean house, unfortunatly I don't like cleaning much!

Liam made choc-chip muffins at pre-school, but there was no way he was giving me a bite! Wonder where he gets that from?

Not a lot happened today. Liam had a little friend from around the corner come and play, we set up the pool as it was SO hot. They had a blast. Poppy dropped in to say hello, and got soaked by water-shooters. I just love that sound, when they are so excited they can't get a squeel out because they are laughing too much. Those are the bits I want to remember.

And tonight has just been lots of photo editing! I was out a bit with my camera settings and didn't realise at the time, so each pic has taken a bit of 'magic photoshop dust'. Makes it time consuming, but I'm getting there. Have a girlfriends baby girl in the morning. I've taken her newborn and 6mth portraits, and now it's time for the 12mths.

Well - night all, hope it's not too hot to sleep. Have a great weekend :)

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