Thursday, February 23, 2006

skate park

Ohhhh thank you girls so much for all the chin-ups. I know he sucks, it's just difficult when it's family, hard to say stuff at work - you know. Anyway, brilliant day today... no work YAY! Just fun, fun, fun with my boys, and some scrapping. What could be better than that.

We finally made it to the skate park today. Liam absolutly LOVED it. He rode down quite a few of the ramps (not the big ones) sitting on his board, or kneeling on it. He looked so cute all padded up. I got the smallest pads I could find, and they are still huge on him. The wrist and elbow ones overlap. We were at the park for less than half an hour, cos we had to fit it in between swimming and preschool, and I took 90 photos! I couldn't believe it when I got home and downloaded them. I thought I'd taken about 20! LOL Ethan slept the entire 3 hours Liam was a preschool. I even had to wake him to go pick Liam up, so I was wrapped that I could download and print the photos and make an entire LO! The journalling is tucked in behind the main photo, and I originally planned on writing it on tags, but he looked like he had bows in his hair; I tried to find little note paper with the binding bit at the top, but could only find side bound paper (I need to clean up) so while time was running out I grabbed some rolodex inserts and wrote it on them. Punched a hole through all three (rolodex inserts) and popped in a jump ring... and of course a bit of ribbon (just for you Lyn :) ) It's very simple, but I love it and it's my fave at the moment(... my other fave is the US one with all the pretty papers.) It's such a 'big boy' layout... and I used the MM tag, that inspired the whole trip to the skate park (notice the red T-shirt & navy shorts LOL - pathetic I know!)

Decided to ignore the photo editing tonight, and watch a movie with DH. Night all xoxo


Carolyne said...

your pages are just getting more gorgeous with every post. i love them girl. also, hang in there with work. just read your last post. you know i ended up leaving a family base business because of the same thing and hey, you can't bitch to the boss about it. hang in there K......hugs!

michelle said...

Hey there Katie...thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I love this Layout...I've just popped over to your gallery on Two Peas and your work is just glad I made the decision about work..amazing how one bad boss can just make your life so miserable. Thanks again for the comment.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Hey there Katie....(((waving)))))from the BAIRNSDALE library.

I love this layout of Liam....gosh...he's growing up so quick!


Megan said...

This LO totally rocks. Liam is such a big boy now - all grown up. I think this is my fav of your LOs too. Loving your work.

Carol-lea said...

Wow, loving all the layouts Katie, and as usual, your photos are just amazing. Will have to stop by more often... I have just been so busy!! But loving all your work!

Donna said...

Hey Katie. I really LOVE your work. Your layouts, your photography, your creative flair in genereal. You have sooo much talent. If we lived nearby, I'd be paying big bucks to have you photograph me and my family.

I know you're going to be a big name in this industry and I can't wait to see all the amazing stuff you continue to create.

Thanks for sharing and keep doing what you're's got me inspired, and I'm sure many others too.