Monday, March 27, 2006

My not so happy boy ;(

My DH has discovered Skype, which is like MSN messanger as far as I can tell, and he has taken over MY computer. So, forced out into the lounge room to watch Desperate Housewives again I whipped up this little number. It did take me longer than the 1 hour though, and lots of trips back up to the study for bits and pieces. Now I am exhausted and ready for bed. This is using more of the bits from the Scrapanalia pack.

Thanks for your comments on the wedding and photos.

Worked today. Pretty good day... I was on my own for most of it. Got lots of work done. Traffic is shocking now though, you can tell the holidays are over, or maybe its people using their cars again now that the games are over.

Did you see the closing ceremony last night? We caught the end of it. Loved the fireworks. Had a peek out the window, hopefull we'd see them across the bay... but no such luck. We were doubtful. And we ended up so confused over the end of daylight savings. I was sure it was next weekend, but friends came over and were possitive it was this weekend. We ended up ringing the talking clock, which told us it had ended. So set the alarms etc with the new times. I still wasn't convinced this morning so turned on Sunrise which said it hadn't ended. So at 7.00 I called mum, who told me it hadn't... then I heard the time on the radio and was sure we were OK. Mum phoned me at work later on to say the radio station she was listening to was flooded with people asking the same question. So badly advertised.

Tomorrow I get to play with Jess and her boys! Yay, they are holidaying over this way, so were having a little catch up. Last time she drove all the way over here for me to take Ethan & Angus' photos, and Liam and (big) Ethan played so well together. I think they both kept talking about each other for weeks afterward. Tomorrow should be fun :)

Well, I'm off to bed.


jane said...

hi htere -gorgeous LO Katie, but umm, I think we have chanelled each other - i was watching DHW too- AND doing a layout, and it has 4 flowers on stems - very different to yours, but same idea- spooky!!
1st day back at Kinder today! yay! kind of glad we are going back to our little routine- Chloe desperately need the interacton with other kids these days!
have a lovely day with Jess

Janine K said...

I love this layout! And as for the whole skype thing, you just need to look at it as an opportunity to scrap more, they wont notice they are too busy doing their own thing! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

what an absolutely gorgeous layout, Katie - this one takes the cake - my favourite. That desperate Housewives show really agrees with you with regard to layout creating. You should have it playing 24/7. Have fun with Jessica ( Jessica L ??? - say hello if it is )

Leanne S.

Megan said...

I totally love this LO Katie. My new favorite of yours (although I have many many favs of yours!!)
So jealous you and Jess got to play together today. Hope you had a ball. I'm sure the boys were happy to see each other again