Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A day with Jess

We had a good time today. Jess arrived with her boys and Liam and (big) Ethan took off like best friends that play together every day. We decided to head to the beach for Ethan & Angus' photos. Two minutes after getting there (my) Ethan decided to make a bee-line for the water... OH what's a mummy to do... send number 1 son in to fetch him out LOL. Look at my good big boy! Such a wonderful helper that kid - love him to pieces!!

So we took lots of photos, I have some ready to share, just waiting for the OK from Jess. After a good play, and lots of photos we headed back, quickly hosed Liam down in the shower, re-dressed, threw his bag together and dashed to kinder. Then back home for some lunch and a few more photos. We did manage to get 'the one'.

My angel neighbour picked Liam up for me, as her little boy is in the same group. Then we headed up to Paper2 for a lil'bit O shopping! Little for me anyway, I don't need much at the moment. I only got two pieces of cardstock, some photo turns and some bazzill chips. By this time our four angel boys were begining to turn into pumpkins, so it was time to say goodbye and head home for dinner.

I had a great day, so nice to catch up with Jess, and her boys truely are wonderful kids... simply NICE boys. Pitty they live so far away.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie............so glad you and Jess got to catch up with the boys.
I know all about Skype.....Michael loaded it onto our computer before he left for CANADA. I can ring him through our computer.
Hey that means I could ring you for nothing Katie, seeing you have the program loaded as well.


Megan said...

Sounds like you and Jess had a ball together. And the boys as well. Can't wait to see some of the photos you took of them. I am sure they are gorgeous

Sofi said...

Katie, sounds like it was a great day. I'm so looking forward to catching up with you and all the Melbourne peas soon.