Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ethan & Angus

We moved into our house two years ago today! It was not finished then, and it's still not now, but slowly we are getting there. My DH worked so hard building this house, and my inlaws were saints to put up with us for the few months we were between houses... but gee it was nice to get into our own home again. Liam moved into a big bed, and started full time toilet training (something we couldn't do at MIL's) and it wasn't much later that I finally fell pregant with Ethan.

Here they are, Jess' gorgeous boys. For those who don't know, Ethan is the big one and Angus is the little one. They are so adorable. It's so EASY to get good photos of Angus... he's cute, he can't run away yet, and he's still happy to smile at the nutcase peeping out from behind the camera. LOL

And look at the two cuties down the bottom. They climbed up to the beach houses all by themselves and thought that little doorstep made the perfect seat for them both. Couldn't help but snap a pic of that. They were cuddling and everything, but I missed getting that on film.

Never rains but pours - I never sub to more than one mag at a time, but recently decided to. Yesterday I had a email from SC requesting a layout that SM picked up a week or so ago, and today I had an email from SC requesting a recent layout, followed by another email from SM a few hours later requesting the same layout! And I booked in another photoshoot today. She's comming tomorrow afternoon, I really prefer mornings as the light is much better, but it was hard to find a time that suited, so that's when it's going to be. I did Ethan & Angus in the afternoon, and just moved everything over a bit, and their pics came out well (the inside ones). I then have another little girl booked in for Saturday morning (at the beach hopefully). Three shoots in one week! I told myself at Christmas time that I would never do four a week again, only two, but as a once off I'll cope. And with our 'operation backyard' starting the $ will come in handy... like they ever don't! LOL

Timber arrived today for our decking :) It's a start!

I've been trying to organise to have a cuppa with my lovely friend and old next door neighbour Sally for a while now. We thought yesterday would be good, but I cancelled as Jess was comming over, and we just decided we'd do it Thursday instead. Today has been constant text messages back and forth.
"Can't do Thursday - booked photoshoot"
"What about morning?"
"Liam has swimming - Night?"
"Can't do night, Friday?"
"Can do Friday morning - have Aidan in afternoon and dinner out at night"
"Can't do morning - Monica has swimming. Weekend?"
"Have photoshoot till 12, OK after, cooking dinner for inlaws pm"

PLEASE!!! How much organising can it take! I don't have time for work! LOL My calander looks like a graffiti (sp?) wall.

I need some good ideas for mothers day pressies! Any suggestions?


Beck said...

Gorgeous photos Katie! I just love your work :o)

Sarah said...

I love the photos katie. They are so cute. Kinder year is the worst year with kids. I found that my life constantly revolved around kinder........ Hope you have a great catch up with your friend


Carolyne said...

so upset i didn't get to play with you the photo's K and i know J will too. congrats on all the published work too.....your rainbow is shining girl.

jane said...

Yay! your just in demand EVERYWHERE!! iM thinking of getting you to 'do' miss chloe (studio shots) b4 her bday in May- might have to talk dates soon!!
ps love the photos

kathie said...

Wow. Congrats on the acceptances. What a dilema, lol!
Love the photos- what's the grungy border you used? Love it.
Good Heavens, is it Mothers' Day soon? I will wait to hear what suggestions you get and then maybe steal one ;)

Megan said...

Ohh Katie, Ethan and Angus look adorable and totally love that photo of Angus with your Ethan.
Man, all the boys are certainly growing up!!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie..........great pics! Nice to see that you and Jess were able to get together with the boys!


michelle said...

Ohhh Katie your boys are just gorgeous....Congrats on all the published work..I hope you get to catch up with your friend..and Mothers day will am trying to think of things myself...will let you know what I come up with.

Megan said...

Katie they are gorgeous photographs, and organising things is just like that in my life too!!

And I'm not sure it ever really slows down does it?!

Megan xx

Julie LOVE said...

GORGEOUS PORGEOUS piccies Katie and congrats about all the layouts that SM and SC want LOL you are in demand woman!!!