Sunday, March 26, 2006

Maggie & Trav's wedding

So here they are, the wedding photos. This is Travis and Maggie. Originally Brett was friends with Trav's older brother, and he was one of our groomsmen at our wedding, but as time has passed we have seen less and less of the brother, and more and more of Travis and Maggie. When I first met Maggie (as Trav's new girlfriend) I think she was about 15! And now here she is the proud and ever so stunning bride! Maggie is a gorgeous girl to be around, ALWAYS happy! Infectiously happy.

The wedding was held on the beach at Sorrento outside the acquarium, and the reception was held in the acquarium. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they had thought of every last detail. They all arrived in a limo, then Trav's sister and Maggie's sister escorted little Chloe (their baby who is a month older than Ethan) down the isle, followed by bridesmaids Anna and Renae. They wrote their own vowels, and included some beautiful touches such as an ancient celtic ritual where they raised one of their hands together and a silk scarf was tied around them, knotted and then slid off and placed in a box. For the rest of their lives the scarf is to stay knotted. They also released butterfies at the end of the ceremony, as you can see in the pics.

The weather was great, although it was really sunny. Made me very releived that I didn't have to take the photos. These pics have only been resized, so I will take the swimmers out of the background later.

It was a beautiful, happy day... but it was also heart-breakingly sad. Today (the next day) is the anniversary of Trav's dad passing away. Maggie never had the chance to meet him as they met just after, but Trav firmly believes that his dad was watching over and sent Maggie his way. Of course as they paid tribute to him both during the ceremony and speaches there was not a dry eye in the whole place.

And I added a photo of Brett and I which he is totally thrilled about (NOT!) , but hey... it's MY blog!

You probably don't really need to know about the rest of the events as the night went on, but some time over next week a few of the boys are expected to recover... my DH included LOL!


Kim Archer said...

Aw, such lovely photos Katie. Looks like a beautiful wedding for you guys too!
And it's great to see a photo of you and Brett :))))

PS thanks for the comments on my blog too!!!

Lyn Dwyer said... this pic of the two of you!

Great wedding pics also!


Sarah said...

Beautiful Photos Katie. Great to see a pic of you and your Hubby. how is he feeling today??? LOL...


Megan said...

Wow, that wedding looks beautiful. The wedding dress is stunning. And I love the photo of you and Brett. You guys look so gorgeous together.

Megan said...

Katie it looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful day! The photos are lovely and I especially like the one of you and Brett!

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for wedding photos. That wedding dress is simply stunning! Love the pic of both of you :)

kathie said...

Oops, that was me - it didn't log me in!

jane said...

those photos reminded me so much of our wedding at Blairgowrie!
what a stunnimg wedding party! and such a lovely couple at the bottom too- no wonder your kids are so cute!!!
loved the part in the wedding about the scarf- absolutely beautiful