Friday, February 10, 2006

Thanks... and a layout.

OK firstly, thank you guys so much for popping in and saying hello! Wow, it's so nice to see these little numbers in my comments section :) I haven't worked out how to reply yet though, so I'm sorry, I'm not being rude!

Dropped Liam at pre-school this morning, and Ethan decided to have his nap at the same time, so I actually got to do a bit of scrapping. This photo has been sitting on my desk for a few days, and I've been busting to use it. I wasn't sure about it straight away, but I like it now.

My girlfriend Kate has taken Liam to mums group for me, and I'm about to take Ethan to the dentist. He has a huge black thing around his molar, the gum is all bulging with this black thing inside, instead of a white tooth. I had it checked at the health centre on Tuesday, she thought it was a cyst around the tooth, but it's bigger than any she has seen before.... so off to the dentist we go. I'll update later :)

{later} Well we have to go see a peadiatric dental specialist. It is an eruption cyst, and most likely he will have to go under general anasthetic and have it removed :( My poor little man. I hate it when my bubs are not well. Breaks my heart.


Carolyne said...

OMG girl.....a blog, like i need another one to stalk. you know i will be here everyday checking up on you. i miss not chatting to you guys like we use to...i miss so much. thinking of you, times like this make it tough for us mums. i hope everything is okay. hugs.

jane fitchett said...

hiya Katie
(i can see your blog again-no idea what happened yesterday!)
love your layout, Liam is a good little subject, so cute!
Poor Ethan, thats an awful thing to happen when youre only one,hope it all goes smoothly (btw just to give you a giggle Miss Chloe wanted to know where the photo of the "black thing was?" uh, nooo sweetie!)
good luck with his little op

Julie LOVE said...

Oh Katie...your poor little Ethan..hopefully his tooth will be all fixed quickly for him :0(

Love the layout too BTW :0)


Jessica Lothian said...

Poor Ethan! It's such a terrible feeling when your children need anything done. Angus bounced back really quickly from his operation last year, but I'm already dreading the next one. I really think it's worse for us than for them!

Love that layout! Although I agree that Liam is growing up way too fast. He's lost his baby face! :-(


kathie said...

Love your layout - what a fantastic photo - did you alter it? Love the whites in the scan.
Hope little Ethan is OK.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Ouch Katie.....that sounds painful for Ethan!

I love the layout...great pic of Liam.....