Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wedding pics... finally!

Good friends of ours got married on new years eve and I was thrilled to be able to do their photos. We had a blast, they were both so gorgeous and the day was HOT, HOT, HOT! 42 degrees hot! I took their photos in RAW mode (which means really good, and I have the option to adjust camera settings on the photo file after they have been downloaded - it also means you can't just take your card into a photo developers and get the pics printed as the machines don't read that format) All good cos my computer does... Well until the darn computer died! We quickly ordered a new one, and I downloaded their pics to mum and dads computer 'just in case'. New computer comes and after installing all the software, I can't open NEF files! Searched everywhere on net, still can't find the answers. Finally a friend had some software that couldn't open them, but could change them to JPEGs... at this stage I was happy with that! Not like we can go back and re-shoot! Anyway, its been what 6 or so weeks since the wedding, and finally tonight I have finished the editing. This is just a smidgen of a peek. There are hundreds! I tried to upload different ones to those I put on 2peas a while ago. So, my darling friends, tomorrow you will have {part} of your wedding pressie :) You have to wait a bit longer again for the rest. Love you guys, so happy you are FINALLY married, and wish you the very, very best life has for your future together (and Thomas). Congrats

Should add, there were lots of colour pics too. Think I have a thing for the B&W tonight.


Libby Morris said...

Wow ... Julie Love sent us all here... Im very impressed with the wedding photos... and welcome to blogland!

Libby xx

jane fitchett said...

Katie, these photos are beautiful
I love the coloured have very lucky friends

Julie LOVE said...

Well Miss Katie what BEAUTIFUL wedding must be sooo thrilled with how they have come up :0) I love the coloured confetti..very very cool :0)


Carol-lea said...

Wow those photos are amazing!!

Thanks for letting me know about your blog... I will check on you regularly LOL