Saturday, February 11, 2006

Meet Kate & Co :)

Another busy day, what ever happened to taking it easy on the weekend :) Busy is good though. Had a photoshoot this morning. A family that live up the road. Mum, Dad and 3 x primary school age kiddies. I had to do a bit of research into posing that many people, but I'm happy with what we've come up with. I'll post later on, after editing and getting the OK from them.

Took the boys over to mum & dads, and burnt the photos to CD that I had stored on their computer, then tried all afternoon to be able to open them. Finally made a little progress, but won't bore you with that. Anyway I've now been able to put a pic in my profile. Now (those who haven't already) you can meet Kate & Co. :) Hi! We took these on Christmas eve. It was part of Brett's parents Christmas present. It's really hard to get a good pic of us all with the timer. Liam is pretty good, and he'll watch the light flashing, but it's just luck with Ethan.

This evening we went across the road to celebrate our neighbours birthday. Such a FUNNY girl! Beautiful family, and just so funny. Ahhh if only I could post a pic of what she was wearing, over the top of her clothes of course... lets just say 'birthday presents'! And Ethan was quite taken with her 'feather duster!' Tell you we laughed the whole time.

I planned on trying to squeeze in a little scrapping, but I'm a bit too tired, and the hours till morning are getting shorter. I'm really NOT a morning person, so I find it really hard when Ethan decides it's time to get up at some crazy hour. I tell myself every morning 'tonight I'll go to bed early' LOL and here I am 11.53pm!

Anyway guys, hope you are all having a WONDERFUL weekend!


Lyn Dwyer said... the family pic!


Jessica Lothian said...

Great photo Katie! What a beautiful family.

Really need to speak to you soon. Have had a little brainwave on a business idea and am just itching to share!

Can totally relate on the morning thing. I always seem to be up till all hours of the night and then cursing myself in the morning.


Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE..........lOVE ALL THE PICS YOU HAVE BEEN SHARING !Boy Have you come a long way in such a short time! CONGRATULATIONS!
I have posted some pics on my blog from yesterday's ALL DAY SCRAP at SS.It was a great much fun!


jane fitchett said...

hiya Katie
couldnt post in your latest entry- so im here! Im counting down the days too-yay, cant wait, although i get the feeling not much SCRAPPING will be acheived, because i HAVE to look at all your stuff!!!!:) your photos are amazing-we have to talk about a photo shoot for me too! your own family pic is gorgeous, a bunch of cuties there. not sure i could do the retreat, but i have a friend who has a wine label out there, that may need to be added to the wine tasting list!!maybe we can make a trip for the next all day at SS- they are great girls, im going to visit them on Wednesday.
off to check out Lyns report of the day now- wave as you go past on your way home from work:)