Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Tea

This is baby Tea. I photographed her on her own two weeks ago, then with her family last week. She is so adorable. I love photographing baby girls, I can get my girl fix.

Had a lovely day today with family and friends. Brett went fishing early, then we met up with friends in Mornington to watch the yacht race, except we didn't stay to see the yachts as they were really late. There was no wind, so they weren't going anywhere in a hurry. We did get to have a swim, well Brett did, and we did treat ourselves to icecream at Tuti-fruiti. I'm not much of an icecream eater, so if I'm going to eat it it has to be the good stuff. Todays pic was Bounty and Nutella, YUM!

I almost completed a layout this morning, but I'm not sure about it at the moment. Speaking of scrapping - SS had the all day crop today. How was it Megan and Lyn! Do tell all the details, and show off the pages :) I am hanging out for the Scrapanalia retreat. A whole weekend of scrapping! I've never been to a retreat before, so I am excited (and nervous LOL) As you girls probably know I'm quite shy in the beginning... but it doesn't last long! The melbourne pea girls will testify to that. So who else is comming. Any space left Jess. Jane, interested? Check out for the details.

Andy Ethy took 16 steps! He's been taking about 4, and thinks he is so funny, then decides it's quicker to crawl (and he is quick!)

On the count down now. I get to meet and scrap with Jane this week - Sat night :) Make sure you bring your albums... and if you can sneak them away, Chloe's Charlie & Lola books. Looking forward to it.

Now off to pack the bags. Have to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend - we did :)