Monday, February 13, 2006


Now I don't know why you can't leave comments on that last entry. So this one is really about nothing (cos I'm at work!), just want to see if you can leave comments now... and if anyone knows what I've done wrong, feel free to tell me :)

Thanks for your messages, have a great day, and Jane I will wave :)


Jessica Lothian said...

I have no idea what went wrong since I'm not a blogger, but it looks like you've fixed it anyway.

LOVE those photos! What are the flowers? Such a great look.

Regarding the retreat, it looks like we only have 2 spots left! We'll have to see if we can find a way to fit a couple more in, because it's been extremely popular. Maybe it's the photography class! ;-)


Lyn Dwyer said...

It's fine now Katie. You just hadn't ticked the comments box.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie....thought I'd better explain myself a bit better....
If you click on
then Configure
then Preferences
scroll down to
Comment Authentication
you probably had this in "off" mode.
I have mine set at "optional".
Hope this helps...


jane fitchett said...

hi Katie
forgot to mention earlier that negotiations are in full swing to bring at least one of the Charlie and Lola books Saturday night:)
so far, so good!