Monday, February 13, 2006

a good day :)

Had to work today, which means such an early morning. Morning always comes before I'm ready for it. There are builders across the road, and I swear all they hear me do is yell "quickly, we're late!" Anyway, my little man seems to be on the improve with his virus. He was quite happy and cheeky this morning when I dropped him off. Sitting in his highchair screaming (happy screaming) at the top of his lungs then laughing. Good to see him happy again.

Worked my tail off at work this morning, then had enough time to duck up to Scraptacular - I think I saw your little doovies Jane! Haven't been there in soooo long. Like twice since they extended into the shop next door. That was before I was pregnant with Ethan! Spent WAY too much, but got some cool goodies, and saw lots more stuff I hadn't seen before. And managed to get some kraft cardstock. I put in an order over the net last week for some, but could only get half what I wanted. I love kraft, goes so well with anything, and really helps 'boy up' my pages, especially when I use so much ribbon and flowers.

Oh and speaking of flowers, Jess the flowers in the baby photo is a flower blanket I made. I bought over 500 artificial roses and hot-glued them to a bunny rug. They are made of a foamy kind of material, and are actually really soft, so bubs don't mind laying on them... and in Tea's case, falling asleep :) I lay the blanket in a bean-bag, and then we just popped her on top. I love the way it comes out in photos.


Megan Spinks said...

Hey Katie,
Love those pictures of little baby Tea. I agree with Jess on the rose blanket - totally rocks and you rock for being such a genius and making it!
So fun to read about what you've been up to. Maybe I should start a blog??? Hmmm.. then I'd never be off the computer!

Julie LOVE said...

Great piccie!! and look at all your new goodies to play with too :0)


jane said...

oh no,dont go telling everyone where i get my kraft from:))))!!!
if the doovers said crafty matters- that was them! hope you liked em

Carolyne said...

see what happens when you don't blog for a couple of days.....i miss everything. love that yummy photo of you guys. such a spunky family. so good to hear that ethan is feeling so much better. love the rose blanket too, you are too darn clever girl. love the yummy goodies you got. are they rub-ons I see mmmmmmmmm i am all into new stuff girl. love reading your life. hugs