Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy birthday Mum!

Yes it's my mums birthday today! Happy birthday mumma - I won't tell everyone how old you are ;)

Liam had swimming this morning, so after we dropped in at Crop Till Ya Drop, to check everything was OK for Saturday night (just as well too, cos there was a bit of a mix up - but it's all sorted now and I'll see you there Jane!) Picked up the gorgeous number rubons in the pic and was dying to use them. Thought they would be perfect on the next page, of my boys in bed. But when I opened the pack, the non-stick paper thingy came out... and every rubon stuck to the pack! Grrrrrr. Straight in the bin. Couldn't save one! So I then had to use my mm stamps and paint, which I should use a whole lot more than I do anyway. Still would have loved the rub-ons on there. Hopefully there are still some left and I can pick up another pack on Saturday. (and it goes without saying that I'll be really careful opening them!)

After dropping Liam at pre-school Ethy and I went shopping for nanna's pressie. I know, talk about leaving it to the last minute. She wants a photo frame to match some she has at home with all her grandsons in. Found a nice one, and also a little something else. Oh, and Adairs just happens to be right next door to Paper2, so of course Ethy and I had to have a quick trip around there, which explains all the other goodies in the pic. Think I had better get submitting again. I haven't submitted anything for months! We are all going to visit Nanna tomorrow. Love you mum and hope you had a fantastic day.

And Wow, I managed to scrap two pages in one day! You can guess what my house looks like though can't you. This one was all about Ethan's first time on the sand at the beach. He's been to the beach lots of times, but has alway been carried, or pushed in his pram etc. This time he had a real play, and just loved the water. I couldn't keep him out. Everytime I put him back on the sand, he crawled straight back in! Little fish that boy :)

And just a couple of family pics I took on our walk the other night. The ponies belong to our friends. Their names are Whipper and Snipper! How funny is that. Hmmm I think the pic of Brett has disapeared! That would be right, put my ugly noggen in there, but not his LOL!
Oh, and it's still really hard to tell with the cyst. The poor kid is so sick of me poking and prodding and trying too see in his mouth, I'm sure he locks his jaw every time he sees me comming LOL! Today I was convinced it was much smaller, but this evening when I had another look I'm not so sure. Bit like watching grass grow! He does seem happier anyway :)


jane said...

YIKES and PHEW!at the same time Katie.Ive been trying to work out what to bring tomorrow night-a bit of everything i think!! love the lo's you posted- are they computer brushes on the sleeping lo- i would loove to know how to do these!(beware-im a computer dufus!!)
see you soon (yay)
ps I was very good and didnt go into adairs when i visited P2- but theres always next time!!!

Jess said...


Gorgeous work Katie. Must catch up soon. Let me know when you've got a free Saturday or Sunday and I'll come visit or meet you somewhere (and the boys of course)


kathie said...

Sorry to hear about your rub-ons. That's a bugger, isn't it? I hate it when they stick and get ruined. Worse when they stick to the photo on your layout when you actually want them somewhere else entirely ;).
Love the layouts - a soft one and a bright one, all in the one day.
Lovin' those groovy red trackydacks too!

Megan said...

Love those LOs. What a gorgeous photo of your three boys in bed together!
Really hope Ethan's mouth is getting better. Can't be nice having a cyst in your mouth. Poor little love!!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Love those gorgeous men of yours! What a great pic...and love how you have scrapped it!


Carolyne said...

give me some of your scrapping jigi girl.....loving the pages, specially ethan's first beach themed page. yes, we ALL must catch up - let's make dates.