Friday, February 17, 2006

Gift certificate covers (?)

This morning seems like so long ago now. Another busy day running here, there and everywhere. Dropped Liam off at pre-school and was asked by one of the other mums if we would like to go over for a play after, which was lovely. Then off to mums for her birthday celebration. Wanted to get some scrapping done, or at least some things organised for the crop tomorrow night, but it wasn't to be. I did manage to make a couple of little covers to pop the gift certificates in, but think I'll change them a bit next time. Any oppinions girls? Can't believe I'm still using these letter tiles! I printed them up before Ethan was born... and I still have LOTS. Now I know I'm no Keisha (but I can try can't I LOL) but it is so fun playing with these brushes. I really find it quite relaxing.

Mum had the latest Pumpkin Patch catalogue. Everytime I see those catalogues I get so inspired to scrap. I have soooo many ideas running around my head. Now I just have to be able to find/make the bits and pieces I need.

There is a new link in my side bar too. Donna Wild... this is one photoshop genious! If you are interested in cool effects you have to go check out her blog. She's also offering online classes, think I might have to think about doing one. I know the photoshop basics, but then I get lost.

Ethy is now walking quite a bit. Still prefers to crawl if he's got to get somewhere in a hurry, but is loving being up on his feet. Thinks he is hillarious, and laughs and squeels as he waddles across the room with his hands up in the air... you can picture him can't you :)

Quote of the day (more for my memory than anything). We were driving along and Liam looked out the window at a group of men and said :
(Liam) That looks like my daddy, he's got dark hair like my daddy
(Mummy) Yes he does have dark hair like daddy, what colour is mummy's hair?
(Liam) Sunny colour, like the sunshine.

:) better than being called red-knob!


kylie said...

hi katie...just found your blog! it's great!!
love your little stash of goodies there!! :-)


Lyn Dwyer said...

GottA love that Liam of yours KATIE! You should be recording these famous quotes of his and popping them in with your layouts.

I'm already booked in to do an on-line class with Donna on Tuesday morning. I've been wanting to learn more about using Photoshop 7 since my son loaded it onto my computer last year. I found out about the on-line classes a few weeks's just what i've been looking for.

Love what you have been doing with the brushes too!


kathie said...

What a great description for your hair. Being a red-head, it appealed to me too.
I can believe you are still using your tiles. They're great. And so versatile! You clever thing.
I've been experimenting with brushes too. Fun stuff, hey?