Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gift vouchers

I've been asked whether I can do gift vouchers, so here is my newest little project. This is a gift for a new baby, from the aunty, who I photographed before Christmas.

Work again today... another day, another dollar. No trips to the scrap shop. But my boys had a BLAST! They spent the day with my family, and visited a friend of mum & dads, who lives on a couple of acres and has a miniture train all over his land. You know the kind of train you straddle. They loved it. This friend opens his 'garden' to once a year. I was able to go last year, but unfortunatly it fell on a work day this year. I begged them all to take photos, and apparently they did. Just have to nag dad and my brother for some.

It's a bit hard to tell with Ethan's cyst. It is still there, but I think it is getting smaller. Still waiting on the referal anyway. Prayers and crossed fingers etc are all appreciated.

I sent off lots of emails for the lovely replies you guys have been leaving. I thought I had it all worked out... then I checked my inbox, and found they had ALL bounced back. Grrrr.


Carolyne said...

your sample looks great, you've been busy girl. where are you finding the time and hey, i'm a bit jealous you can just whip out a layout at that time of night too. unbelievable!!! thinking of you with ethan's cyst too, my fingers will be crossed. hugs.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hope Ethan is ok Katie!

Sounds like the boys had a great day.You are so lucky to have such a supportive family while you work!

Love the Gift Certificate!WOW...$100 that's a pretty good gift!


Jess said...

You really must be psychic! I was just thinking before I hopped onto the computer, "I must email Katie and see if she can do a gift voucher for me for Tamsin". I jump onto your blog and there it is! Magic! I don't actually need it until August, but glad to see you're one step ahead!

Have been thinking of you and Ethan and hoping for some good news soon.

Like the sound of the train place! Let me know when he's open again - my boys would love it!


jane said...

hi Katie
i hope that cyst is coming down a bit more-poor little Ethan,the train would have been a good distraction for him-that sounds like fun! Love your gift voucher, have you thought about approaching local maternity hospitals to put brochures in- Peninsular Private would be a good one, or Maternal Health centres? we have soo much to talk about on Sat night!!!
we are having brekkie here, and darling Lukie just put his peanut butter toast in his cup of milk mmmm!charming (and watching c&l - poor Lola is not so terribly well today)
have a great day, and i hope its all good news with the tooth